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Client survey excellence

Greenhouse annually asks our clients and partners what we do well, what we can improve and why they work with us. We love hearing from everyone we work with – it helps us get better, ensures excellence in our services and increases the impact of our work.

The work we do is varied, the services we provide are wide-ranging and the sectors we support are diverse; spanning energy, technology, transportation, agriculture, food, finance, advocacy, nature, and oceans. But what is consistent in our client survey results is that we’ve managed to continually show our commitment to unparalleled service and driving positive change through all our work.

If you’re seeking to partner with a mission-focused team of specialists working radically and collaboratively to mitigate climate change, we’d love to speak to you.

Awards for excellence

At Greenhouse Communications, we’re honoured to have received a variety of coveted awards that recognise our commitment to sustainability and impactful communications including BusinessGreen Agency of the Year.

These awards demonstrate the quality of our work plus our dedication to supporting the very best innovators and changemakers, helping to amplify their solutions and showcase their work.


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