Coal-fired power station emitting smoke.
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Insuring coal no more

Energy and Clean Tech


Unfriend Coal


Accelerate global phase-out of coal by persuading insurers to end cover for mines and power plants. Bring insurers still supporting coal under public scrutiny, creating reputational risk of continued involvement in the coal sector.


Set a benchmark for insurers to take action, name and shame laggards, and celebrate effective policies to drive momentum. Launched company-specific pressure campaigns and the annual Unfriend Coal Scorecard, ranking insurers on coal policies and highlighting the reputational risks of ongoing support for coal.


We have led a high profile campaign in financial and insurance media that has accelerated industry action. In the last year Allianz, Swiss Re, Munich Re, Generali, Mapfre, VIG, Uniqa, and QBE ceased insuring new coal mines and plants or limited cover for coal.


Willis Towers Watson, one of the world’s largest brokers, reports that action is driving up the cost of insurance for coal companies and benefiting renewables as insurers seek new business to replace lost coal premiums.

“Greenhouse PR helped us to drive greater collaboration by demonstrating the risks to insurers of backing coal. Their input on planning, content and execution was invaluable, and the impact we have collectively achieved has resulted in major insurers committing to exclude coal in the future.”