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Supporting the youth strike for urgent climate action

Education and Youth


We are living in the beginning of the sixth mass extinction and the climate emergency is escalating. This has activated a new movement of children striking from schools on Friday demanding tangible climate measures to be put in place. However, we continue to see government inaction on the climate crisis. 


Greenhouse developed an engaging media narrative calling on people to stand in solidarity with students. We also briefed and coordinated students, organised roadshow of media events across the UK and ran effective media hub on the day. The strike would represent an intergenerational movement of students and adults uniting to deliver a clear message ahead of the UN Climate Summit in New York on 23rd September. 


The strike was the headline news story on most UK broadcasting channels, and many national papers featured photos of the action on the front pages. The historic event achieved over 1,890 pieces of online and print coverage and over 25 broadcast features, with an estimated reach of 49 million.  


More than 350,000 people in the UK took to the streets on the 20th September, the largest ever turn out. The media interest was unprecedented for a climate protest and later in the year the first TV climate election debate was broadcast on Channel 4.

Media Coverage