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Tackling deforestation and driving uptake in sustainable palm oil

Food and Agriculture


Palm oil is the world’s most commonly used vegetable oil and is responsible for devastating rainforest deforestation. RSPO’s mission is to drive production and uptake of certified sustainable palm oil.


Deliver digital campaign to engage multiple stakeholders across the supply chain driving uptake of sustainable palm oil by profiling innovation and benefits, leading to a shift in opinions and behaviours. We encouraged greater collaboration across the industry through campaigns centred around RSPO-hosted international events.


Delivered high levels of engagement and collaboration with > 3 million impressions and 72 thousand engagements on Twitter, 1 million impressions and 14 thousand engagements on LinkedIn, 4.6 million impressions and 100 thousand engagements on Facebook.


During this year, there has been a 33% increase in sales of CSPO, 27% increase in certified smallholders, 14% increase in certified area, 16% increase in membership.

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