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Ensuring sustainable cooling for all

Energy and Clean Tech


Over 1 billion people lack access to sustainable cooling and a further 2.2 billion have inefficient cooling. In a warming, access to sustainable cooling is not a luxury. It is an issue of equity and a service that must be delivered to everyone.


This Is Cool is a campaign to show what can be done across the world to make sustainable cooling a reality. Whether you're a policymaker, organisation, government employee, company or individual, you can help to make affordable and sustainable cooling for all a reality by taking part in this campaign today.


Launched via webinars and online sessions in 2020, the campaign digital toolkit has raised awareness and reached new audiences across the world with more than 400 organisations and individuals downloading the toolkit and using it since the launch. This has meant that more than 1.2 million people have now seen the campaign.


The campaign has led to over 200,000 actively engaging and sharing This Is Cool content on their channels, with #ThisIsCool reaching more than 3.5 million individuals in 2020. Engagements have also included key opinion leaders and influential organisations such as UN Environment programme, Cool Coalition and Kigali Cooling project.