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Revealing over-reporting on finance for adaptation



In 2009, developed countries committed to mobilise $100 billion of climate finance a year to support climate activities in developing countries by 2020. $50 billion was to be spent helping vulnerable people and countries adapt to climate change. CARE International research revealed that between 2013-7, official figures for adaptation finance were overstated, and in some did not genuinely target adaptation. 


Launched Climate Adaptation Finance: Fact or Fiction?, to expose developed nations’ over-reporting of climate adaptation finance by an estimated $20 billion between 2013-17. Strategically, we launched the report shortly before the Climate Adaptation Summit, attended by world leaders, to influence the ongoing debate.


Delivered extensive global media coverage with over 100 articles across 25 countries, and an estimated 4 million coverage views. More than 16 countries across the Global South covered the report, including Philippines, Nepal, Indonesia, India and Bangladesh. Highlights included Thomson Reuters, AFP, EFE, ANSA, Al Jazeera and Der Spiegel.


Conversations with French and EU government representatives took place to discuss the report findings, following media coverage across Europe. Following a Greenhouse briefing, The Guardian asked questions relating to the report’s findings to Patrick Verkooijen, CEO of Global Center on Adaptation, during the Climate Ambition Summit press briefing. 

Media Coverage