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Learning from Indigenous wisdom traditions

Food and Agriculture


Give a voice to Indigenous peoples and a global platform for them to share their wisdom of environmental conservation and well-being, and to appeal for recognition of their role in protecting land and species biodiversity.​


Launched the ‘Flourishing Diversity Series’ event in London, supported by a report demonstrating the role indigenous communities play in preserving biodiversity. By designing the report, devising key messaging, securing press coverage and developing an extensive social media campaign, the series achieved widespread media and influencer engagement. ​


The campaign generated standout features in international, national and consumer press, including Forbes, TIME, BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service, Metro, and Eco-Age, and achieved widespread social media engagement with top digital influencers, amplifying the voices of indigenous peoples. ​


Secured field visit opportunities for journalists to visit the regions of Indigenous peoples, such as the Khoisan in Namibia, to explore further their relationship with the natural world. The series brought lesser-heard answers to the climate crisis to the forefront, allowing us to explore a diversity of responses to the climate and ecological emergency.​