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Increasing investment in enhanced rock weathering

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Enhanced Rock Weathering has the potential to provide up to 40% of the CO2 removal needed to keep temperature rise within 1.5°C. However, because of trust issues in the carbon market and the early stages of development of the technology, this climate solution isn’t receiving the attention or funding that it needs to scale.

Greenhouse developed a long-term communications strategy and crafted compelling messaging, to educate key audiences on the benefits of ERW to the environment and farmers, establish UNDO as a leader in this space and inspire investment from corporates. We ran an ongoing media hub for UNDO, which included four site visits to Scottish farmland and media training to their spokespeople.

“We’re delighted with the coverage secured by Greenhouse over the past six months spanning global media outlets such as the BBC, CNN, The Times and many more. The team’s expert knowledge of the carbon markets and carefully nurtured press contacts have been invaluable when shaping our PR strategy, coaching UNDO’s key spokespeople and coordinating media site visits.  ”

In just one year, Greenhouse secured over 89 media articles with 3.6M estimated views. Highlights include features on BBC News (online and broadcast), CNN Call to Earth (online and broadcast), The Times, Reuters, and Greenbiz, with a feature in the post-production phase for BBC Countryfile. We set up 22 media and podcast interviews for UNDO’s spokespeople and landed 227 brand mentions in the media.

We have raised UNDO’s profile as a leading expert in the field of ERW and raised awareness of ERW as a scalable and viable carbon removal solution. The media coverage has established credibility with key audience groups, such as farmers, scientists and investors, driving crucial investment and partnerships that will enable UNDO to scale their critical climate work.

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