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Delivering integrated clean energy systems

Energy and Clean Tech


We have the clean energy technologies needed to halve emissions by 2030. However, our approach to deploying these together is disconnected. We need to simultaneously deploy these technologies in integrated energy systems to reduce costs, emissions and accelerate the energy transition. 


Launched Integrate to Zero, a global campaign to maximise awareness of clean energy system integration and stimulate new approaches. Created a name, brand, messaging, website, film, graphics, imagery, social channels and an e-newsletter to give life to the campaign, launched via a paid media campaign.


Over 2M impressions, almost 100K engagements and over 500 new followers, as well as over 2.4K website visits and over 50 e-newsletter sign-ups within the first month, taking the campaign from zero awareness to credible movement ahead of on-the-ground activity at COP27.


Integrate to Zero immediately created a credible and impactful campaign platform to advocate for systems integration as critical to accelerating global decarbonisation. The brand, website and content stimulated strong audience engagement and brought the concept to life, supporting progress at COP27.

Digital Highlights