Youth climate action accelerates with launch of ‘Rising Earth’ news channel


Students have been front-and-centre of climate action over the past 12 months. The latest exciting venture from the youth climate movement is the launch of Rising Earth News – a new YouTube channel dedicated to optimistic news on climate change. At a time when positive news seems to be in short supply, this brand new channel focusses entirely on sharing positive and inspiring stories from the world’s amazing sustainability pioneers.

The channel will educate people on the steps towards a happier life, while also working to achieve a greener society. As we look beyond the Covid-19 lockdown, we should all be looking to #buildbackbetter. Rising Earth calls this ‘The Age of Restoration’ and they invite everyone to be a part of this ‘reimagination’ of our culture.


Rising Earth News emerged from a collaboration between two youth climate activists from the University of Bristol, Lilly Hill and Lauren Beavis, guided and supported by entrepreneur and environmental activist Howard Johns. Following a talk by Howard at Bristol University, they decided to collaborate on their passion for telling stories with a positive vision.

Lilly says now is the time for the climate movement to provide some positive solutions.

“The reality of climate change often seems so overwhelmingly negative that it is a difficult topic to face, and one which can leave people feeling helpless. So by focusing on solutions that already exist, we want to inspire people to have a new perspective on the climate crisis. We’re presenting it as something that we can combat together, and therefore leaving people feeling hopeful for the future.”

Lauren is excited to see the project become a reality.

“Rising Earth wants to create a community of people from all across the world who are initiating the solutions to tackle climate change. We want to raise awareness that the climate movement is not a movement of disparity: climate change is beyond borders and is something that will affect everyone. It will require action from every individual, business, corporation and government from around the world, and that’s exactly what we want to do at Rising Earth. Our aim is bring together these currently disjointed communities to collaborate.”

What to expect

News content will appear in a 20-minute ‘newsreel-style’ fortnightly updates on YouTube. It will feature uplifting interviews with pioneers on topics including Earth Restoration, Protest, Positive Business, Renewable Energy, New Economics, Indigenous Wisdom, Natural Immunity and Growing Food. The stories will include links to extended content, calls to action and also suggest ways for people to participate.

The inaugural Rising Earth News episode features a range of exclusive interviews with:

  • Joe Brindle, founder of the Teach the Future campaign, who discusses how our education systems need to change in order to reflect the urgency of climate action.
  • Rob Hopkins, author, environmentalist and co-founder of the Transition Network who discusses his work alongside the importance of imagination to be able to envision and then build a sustainable future.
  • Jyoti Fernandes from the Landworker’s Alliance and La Via Campesina. She will discuss solutions to current food shortage problems in relation to Covid-19 and climate change.
  • Salvatore Glencarelle, founder of Helper’s Mentoring Society, looking at how the Western world can incorporate indigenous people’s respect for nature into our society. In addition, the interview will consider how the pandemic is an opportunity for a greener, more ecologically respectful society.
  •  Clare Nasir, providing a weather ‘report’ on how current weather trends are also causing spikes in renewable energy.

Last year, students moved to the forefront of the global climate action movement, after unprecedented youth climate strikes called for critical action. Now is the time for solutions.  It is fantastic to see young people like Lilly and Lauren using their amplified voice to great effect.

So, please tune in and support this inspiring initiative.  We will only build back better by elevating the work of those stepping forward and taking positive action.

See the first episode in this new exciting series here: From adapting our food systems to staying connected: let’s #buildbackbetter | Crisis to Opportunity