Join #VitaminN campaign to get your daily dose of nature

Join Greenhouse and leading nature and mental health organisations in the launch of #VitaminN, a campaign to help people connect with nature and boost their mental health during lockdown.

With the Easter bank holiday weekend on the horizon, and people longing to be outdoors in the fresh air, the campaign highlights easy, fun ways to connect with nature from the comfort of your own home, even if it’s through a window.

The premise of the #VitaminN campaign is simple: everyone needs a daily dose of nature to keep us healthy and that’s increasingly important while we are all housebound.

Campaign activities include the RSPB’s birdsong radio, the Wilderness Foundation’s Badger Cam and an Easter-themed nature hunt from Jordans Cereals.



  1. Early bird
    Take part in RSPB’s #BreakfastBirdwatch for a moment of calm before you start the day.
  1. Spring scavenger hunt
    Set the family an Easter challenge to fill empty egg cartons with a host of natural treasures.
  1. Grow your own
    You don’t need a garden to grow your own veggies, just some seeds and a shallow tray.
  1. Build a bug hotel
    Celebrate the invertebrates by creating a creepy-crawly community centre on your doorstep.
  2. Nature yoga
    Learn a range of wildlife themed yoga poses such as the frog and the heron.

yoga in nature

The team at Greenhouse worked with the organisations involved to develop media materials and case studies and sold in the campaign to national, broadcast and consumer media. On day one we have seen more than 330 pieces of media coverage, including BBC Newsround, Daily Mail and Evening Standard and The i.

Craig Bennett, newly appointed CEO of The Wildlife Trusts, comments:

Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of wildlife in their daily lives. Its impact on our health and wellbeing is well proven – with regular contact known to reduce stress, fatigue, anxiety and depression. Our bodies are meant to be active – and we’re meant to spend time connecting with nature! But, with the Government’s important advice at the moment to stay at home and restrict travel, it can be challenging to maintain this, at the risk of our wellbeing.

That’s why we’ve come together with our partners to highlight easy, fun and unusual ways for us all to connect with nature and the wildlife on our doorstep. Whilst many people are likely to feel a bit stuck at home there are opportunities to make space for nature – whether it’s stopping for a moment to look out of the window and take notice of what’s around, watching wildlife activity on webcams or having some fun with daily indoor nature-themed challenges.

Participating organisations contributing resources as part of #VitaminN include RSPB, The Wildlife Trusts, The Royal Horticultural Society, National Trust, The Wilderness Foundation, WWF, Nature Friendly Farming Network, The Climate Coalition, Mental Health Collective and Jordans Cereals.

To get your daily dose of nature delivered to your news feed, follow #VitaminN today.

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