Top 7 electric vehicle pioneers of the Oxford EV Summit

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Greenhouse attended the inaugural Oxford EV Summit at the Said Business School last week – a thought leadership and networking event for electric vehicle pioneers seeking to accelerate the e-mobility revolution in the UK. The landmark event, organised by Ade Thomas, Director of Green TV, was a testimony to the growth and ambition of an industry acting at the cutting edge of technology and innovation.

We picked out seven inspiring speakers whose insights – ranging from affordability and supply to regulation and infrastructure – are likely to shape the industry over the coming years. Watch this space.

Matt Allen – Pivot Power

Matt tackled a crucial issue for the EV industry – affordability. “One of the biggest concerns for us as we electrify more and more is what happens to the economic have-nots. As internal combustion engine vehicles depreciate in value, a gap will open up between those who can buy an EV and those that can’t. So we need to start thinking about how to shrink that gap to make EVs an option for everyone.”

electric vehicle pioneers

Mairi Brookes – Oxford City Council

Oxford City Council embraced the opportunity to showcase its ambitious plans for EV expansion to the wider industry, with Sustainable City team manager Mairi Brookes emphasising the need for urgent action to meet air quality targets.

Mairi said: “With funding from the Go Ultra Low Cities scheme, we were the first city council to launch an extensive trial of six different charging solutions across thirty locations on residential streets.”

Colin McKerracher – Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Colin McKerracher provided some key numbers for those interested in EVs. The first was 18% – this is Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s estimate for annual cost reduction in the lithium-ion battery experience curve.

We have seen the cost of batteries plummet in recent years and, if this trajectory is continued, the EV market will become ever more attractive to consumers. “This is the most important number in the automotive industry,” Colin said.

Lois Warner – Hubject

Introducing ISO 15118, a global standard for charging infrastructure, Lois mapped out the future of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) authorisation. Why is this important? “The handling of the massive volumes of data involved in EV transactions needs to be managed and 80% of charging stations are not secure.”

With each party in a charging transaction certified by Hubject, cross-border charging and energy exchange such as V2G can happen without the need for apps or payment cards.

In a nutshell, Hubject are making V2G a possibility by turning the certification process into a uniting platform.

electric vehicle pioneers

Greg Archer – Transport & Environment Campaign  

“There is no lack of demand for electric vehicles, there is only constrained supply – regulation is essential.” Greg’s passionate speech highlighted an urgent need for policy makers and manufacturers to prioritise and incentivise the electrified transport industry so Europe can reap the economic and environmental rewards of EV production.

Melanie Shufflebotham – Zap Map

Zap Map is the e-mobility app par excellence in the UK, “providing the smart tools for EV drivers”. With 60,000 users, Zap Map links up EV drivers with charging networks while providing a live data service on the status of charging points.

Melanie explained that ‘charger anxiety’ has replaced ‘range anxiety’. EV drivers want to know whether charging points are working, whether they are available, what kind of card do you need, is there a café? Zap Map aims to ensure a seamless experience as the EV market develops.

Graeme Cooper – National Grid

“Let’s not forget the infrastructure,” was Graeme’s timely and pertinent remark during the business panel discussion. Supporting mass EV charging is a huge task and grid flexibility will be crucial to coping with the consequent energy demands.

With the UK Government’s ‘Road to Zero’launched yesterday, industry and business will play a central role in putting this infrastructure in place. Graeme’s appeal is vital not only for the e-mobility sector but also for the country’s power mix as a whole.

electric vehicle pioneers

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