Secrets of the Disruptors:
Matt Allen, Pivot Power

Secrets of the disruptors matt allen pivot power

Matt Allen is the CEO of Pivot Power, the company that is developing the world’s first national network of grid-scale batteries and rapid EV charging stations. Their development will help to support a cost-effective, reliable, low-carbon energy system that will enable the rapid adoption of clean transport in the UK.

Allen is also the Founder and CEO of Become Energy, a developer, funder and asset manager of battery storage projects for large energy consumers.

What does your organisation do and how is it challenging the industry status quo?

Pivot Power is developing a world-first national network of grid-scale batteries and rapid electric vehicle charging stations to support a cost-effective, reliable, low-carbon energy system and enable the rapid adoption of clean transport.

We plan to install a 2GW battery storage network linked to National Grid sub-stations, helping to future-proof the UK energy system and enable it to support higher levels of renewables and mass EV charging.

Why is this disruptive model critical for tackling environmental challenges?

The electrification of transport is widely agreed as essential to allow the UK, and clearly further afield, to achieve our climate targets.

Air pollution is also a material risk to the overall quality of life, particularly for those living in larger urban environments.

How do you build public support for rapid disruption of established business models?

State the facts. For example, electric cars could be cheaper than petrol and diesel cars by 2020 and make up a third of the road transport market by 2035. And air pollution in the UK causes 40,000 early deaths and costs £20bn every year. MPs are calling on the government to bring forward the ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars from 2040.

How do you think the business world is going to change by 2050?

Every single company will have a clearly stated corporate social responsibility agenda that will be measured and scrutinised on a very regular basis. The heat is going to be turned up regarding corporate ethics!

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