Rushlight 2019: The leading names in the cleantech revolution

Rushlight 2019

This week, Greenhouse attended the 2019 Rushlight Show, the UK’s leading exhibition of innovative clean technology. The event is a mecca for the UK’s foremost innovators in the cleantech space, drawing attention from the likes of Innovate UK, the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), not to mention some of the UK’s most cutting-edge technology companies.

We’ve created a round-up of the leading pioneers in this sector that we’d love to work with.

Cultivating a hydrogen economy

Late last year, we identified hydrogen technology as a key theme of 2019. No wonder then that we were quick to chat to Fuel Cell Systems about how they’re accelerating the transition to a hydrogen economy. Through advice, integration and design, Fuel Cell Systems are able to apply bespoke hydrogen fuel cell systems to real-life tasks. Most recently, they partnered with the AA to provide a mini-hydrogen dispenser, allowing it to provide an emergency fill option for hydrogen vehicles that have run out of juice – abating a key barrier to hydrogen vehicle uptake.

Rushlight 2019

Smart grid management

The low carbon economy, which promises rapid renewable integration and novel schemes like high-capacity electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, is bringing rapid change to our energy networks. This, plus ageing infrastructure, means smart energy management is more important than ever. OrxaGrid, which exhibited and spoke at Rushlight, is tackling this problem using the power of artificial intelligence (AI), smart Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and predictive analytics to monitor the grid, reduce losses and increase efficiency. Certainly one to watch as the smart grid matures.

PassivSystems were another leading voice at this year’s Rushlight. Promising a smart energy platform which makes energy use efficient and affordable for millions of households, they are an exciting prospect in the UK cleantech sector. Couple that with the news that they have been chosen to manage 1GW of solar in Oman and they proved quite a hit at Rushlight.

Cutting shipping emissions

Some problems can seem so large, they’re almost too daunting to tackle. Shipping, which if classed as country would be the world’s sixth-largest emitter of CO2, is definitely one of these sectors. However, the Sustainable Shipping Initiative – which boasts a membership of environmental leaders, shipping industry professionals and financial institutions – is bringing together trailblazing companies in the maritime sector to enable it to become more sustainable and successful.

Far from being daunted by the challenges of reducing shipping emissions, the Executive Director, Andrew Stephens was keen to stress its ambition to at least half CO2emissions in the sector by 2050, during his Rushlight panel.

We wish we could feature all the Rushlight exhibitors and speakers in this blog – working in sectors covering EVs, nuclear fusion, smart cities… and more. We’re excited to see the already thriving UK cleantech sector continue to develop.Greenhouse is working with organisations in the clean tech sector to help them increase their impact. If you’re a pioneer looking to amplify your message, get in touch with