Purpose Award win: How we used digital marketing to achieve high impact with our ‘Futureproof Your Power’ campaign

greenhouse purpose awards win promo image

We are thrilled to have won the award for best use of technology at the Purpose Awards for our work with National Grid ESO and Northern Powergrid to help protect and improve the resilience of the UKs electricity network.

The Purpose Awards are supported by industry-leading brands PRWeek, Campaign and Third Sector and recognise campaigns that use creative and innovative ideas to successfully further positive causes to deliver impact.

The client brief

Our brief was to educate generation owners – wind, solar and hydro – about the need to upgrade their equipment and make essential system changes. These changes are essential to evolve the electricity network to run on 100% renewable energy and help the UK reach net zero.

We developed an integrated campaign called “Futureproof Your Power” to raise awareness of the changes needed and showcase the opportunity to protect the grid and make it more resilient through collective action.

What we did

The campaign included a website with a self-serve tool to enable personalised technical support to owners on how to update their system. It also provided a simple route for data capture, with branded triggered emails ensuring the campaign maintained visibility right up until the deadline.

The key results of the campaign

95% of target capacity was achieved, which will help to protect the grid, make it more resilient, and ultimately enable more renewable energy to be connected.

National Grid ESO was able to reduce levels of grid inertia, saving £65m per year in balancing costs.

The campaign paved the way to connect more renewable energy to decarbonise the energy system.

We believe that the success of our campaign can be attributed to the following factors:

  • We used a variety of digital channels to reach our target audience. The campaign included a website, self-serve tool, and paid media. This allowed us to reach a wide audience and drive engagement that ultimately led to measurable action.
  • We personalised the experience for each user. The self-serve tool was a great way to provide users with the information they needed to make informed decisions about upgrading their equipment. And the use of triggered email reminders was a smart way to keep users engaged and on track.

We used data to track the results of the campaign. The digital dashboard allowed us to track the performance of the campaign in real time. This information helped us to make adjustments as needed and ensure that the campaign was as effective as possible.

We are proud of the work we did on the “Futureproof Your Power” campaign and we are grateful to National Grid ESO and Northern Powergrid for their partnership. We believe that this campaign is a great example of how digital marketing can be used to achieve high impact.

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