Will you join us and plant One Tree Per Employee this Christmas?

Replant bristol one tree per employee

Our urban forests play a vital role, helping to reduce stress, absorb air pollution and boost biodiversity.

The Committee on Climate Change says we need to plant 1.5bn trees by 2050 to achieve our net-zero carbon target – that’s 30,000 hectares every year, so there is no time to waste.

Bristol has set an ambitious target to double the city’s canopy cover by 2046 and today we announced the launch of a campaign to help us achieve that.

One Tree Per Employee aims to work with Bristol businesses to plant 250,000 trees by 2030, one for every employee in the city.

One Tree Per Employee has been inspired by the One Tree Per Child campaign, which launched in 2014 and has since led to 57,000 trees being planted, with 6,000 trees continuing to be planted annually.

It will be delivered by Replant Bristol, a catalyst group comprising of the Forest of Avon Trust, Bristol City Council, the Bristol Tree Forum and the Woodland Trust which aims to protect and grow Bristol’s urban forest.

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, said: “Trees are key to us tackling air pollution and fighting climate change, so we’re calling on Bristol businesses great and small to get involved in the project this Christmas and help us achieve our bold ambition of planting a quarter of a million trees by 2030.”

Bristol’s urban forest brings nature into the city.

Bristol’s 600,000 trees are valued at £280 million as they help combat air pollution, fight climate change and protect from flooding, all while adding colour and life to our urban spaces.

Bristol’s urban forest:

  • Helps tackle climate change by storing 360,000 tonnes of CO2 and removing 14,000 tonnes of CO2 per year, equivalent to 9,000 cars.
  • Removes over 100 tonnes of air pollution every year.
  • Soaks up 90,000m3 of water per year, helping us to avoid flooding.
  • Provides shade for people and buildings to deal with increasingly warm summers.

However, our forest is under threat, as 75% of the city’s most common tree, the ash, is expected to be lost in the short to medium term as a result of ash dieback.

Take part in One Tree Per Employee

Greenhouse PR has become one of the first businesses to sign up to the scheme. Why not join us?

There are a variety of ways that businesses can get involved:

  • Visit www.forestofavontrust.org/replant-bristol and donate £10 to plant a tree for every employee.
  • Plant trees for employees on your own land.
  • Buy trees for staff to plant in their gardens.
  • Donate land to Replant Bristol for tree planting.
  • Volunteer with Replant Bristol to help plant trees.

Greenhouse PR works with organisations and leaders who are pioneering climate action. Whether it’s food, fashion, finance or farming, if you’ve got a great story and need our help to tell it, get in touch with the Greenhouse team on 0117 214 1250 or email info@greenhousepr.co.uk.