Greenhouse Pioneer: Chloe Hampson, Fit for the Future Network

Fit for the Future

You have heard of Tinder but have you seen Fit for the Future Network? It matches sustainability challenges to problems already solved, saving almost 15,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2015. We talk to Chloe Hampson who is behind this collaboration and knowledge sharing network.

What drives you?

I am driven by efficiency, whether it be efficiency of resources, money, time or energy. Where one of our project partners has laboured to overcome a problem, I match them with someone who could benefit from the knowledge. For example, connecting the sustainability manager of an 18th Century house with another to learn how to retrofit lighting.   The National Trust taught The Canal and River Trust about overcoming stumbling blocks to installing hydro, dramatically accelerating the project.

What is the campaign/innovation you are most proud of this year?

Fit For The Future started publishing progress reports in January, which puts monetary value on the efficiency savings they have achieved.  For example, the RNLI energy has saved money equivalent to the cost of 10 inshore rescue boats from its efforts. This reporting system has changed the language of sustainability and is highly effective as a communication and a change management tool.

What are the key characteristics that inspire change?

Demonstrating value – the three points of change incorporates inspiration and pragmatism:

  • Being positive– showing leadership with a can do attitude.
  • Transparency – what are the barriers, what lessons were learnt.
  • Providing pragmatic solutions and the tools to deliver change.

Arup conference

How is what you are doing inspiring change in others?

Everything we do fits into the three points of change: Networking and showcasing what people are doing; this knowledge sharing provides practical support, case studies, events, site visit, working groups and community support for those with the same job title across different charitable organisations.

Who are your green business heroes?

Alison Nimmo, CEO of Crown Estate and Dame Helen Ghosh, Director General of the National Trust; they are both very good at talking publically about sustainability and make the business case for it rather than as a ‘green washing’ tag on.

I also admire people who are straight talking, like Jonathon Porritt and the founder of Leon Restaurants, Allegra Mcevedy.

What excites you about the future and our progress towards a low carbon economy?

Energy storage, funding mechanisms for cleaner energy, for example the sunshine tariff in Cornwall. Also, the increasing awareness and willingness to collaborate to share best practice and hasten the adoption of a low carbon economy.

Fit for the Future also won a Business Green award last week in the Employee Engagement of the Year Category. Greenhouse PR also picked up the Green PR Company of the Year Award, click here to read more.

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