Historic moment for nature friendly farmers


Yesterday, Greenhouse had the privilege of providing PR support to the Nature Friendly Farming Network (NFFN) in their positive response to the much-anticipated Agricultural Bill.

The Agricultural Bill states that future farming payments will be directed to farmers who deliver environmental benefits, otherwise known as ‘public goods’, such as clean air, water, improved wildlife habitats and soil health. This is a significant moment in agricultural history as farming policy hasn’t been altered in this way since 1947.

Ensuring nature friendly farmers are heard in the Agricultural Bill debate

Crafting a statement the previous day, Greenhouse PR led a campaign to ensure nature friendly farmers’ voices were heard, during this historic shift in legislation. On the day the Agricultural Bill was launched, Greenhouse achieved phenomenal coverage across national, broadcast, trade and regional press including The Guardian, Independent, Financial Times, Telegraph and BBC Radio stations, with much more expected as the debate continues.

Launching the Nature Friendly Farming Network

At the beginning of the year we launched the NFFN, and over the past nine months their political farming voice has become influential, pushing the sustainable farming agenda into the Agricultural Bill.

In January, our results included over 480 broadcast, print and online features, with a combined reach of over 20 million. During the week of the launch, 20 TV crews visited farms to film nature friendly farming in practice.

It is a great honour to work with such an inspiring and passionate group of farmers, who are true custodians of our countryside. Greenhouse also works with many other pioneering people and organisations, calling for positive change in the food and farming industry, such as Organix, Sustainable Soils Alliance and Hodmedods.

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