Meet the New Green Radicals

Today we launch a report that offers a glimpse of what real change looks like. New Green Radicals reveals the 20 entrepreneurs, business leaders and campaigners who are using powerful communications to rapidly scale their radical solutions to the climate crisis – and by doing so, spearheading the UK’s transition to a net zero economy.

This year we have witnessed how powerful communications can dramatically challenge our systems. Millions of student activists took to the streets in the biggest ever global climate strike in September. Businesses and governments around the world are declaring a state of climate emergency. And because of this, climate change has never been higher up the media agenda. But with a 16-month deadline to make the political steps towards the deep carbon cuts we require for a safe future, we need more action not words.

Step forward #NewGreenRadicals. These individuals are shaking up high-carbon systems by developing the ideas and technologies that will catapult us into a net zero future.

In the report we learn from Ruth Andrade about how climate-conscious beauty brand Lush is empowering NGOs to fight for change, and how financial companies WHEB Asset Management and Triodos are only investing in positive impacts for people and planet.

From Farhana Yamin calling for a new economy that aligns with wellbeing and Juliet Davenport challenging the energy system with Good Energy, to John Elkington heralding the end of capitalism as we know it, these very different regenerative businesses – many of which are certified B Corps like us – are all putting in more than they take out. By inviting employees, customers and investors to make an impact, together they’re part of a movement for change which is proving that a positive mission can drive a sustainable business. They see the clear opportunity of a more conscious and motivated society ready to challenge the status quo.

In 2019, consumers are drawn to brands with purpose. People may feel powerless to stop polluters, but they know what they buy shapes markets, which in turn rewrites policy. Consequently, if sustainability is not central to what you’re selling, it’s going to flounder. Those interviewed in this report know this already. And by sharing their radical solutions to the climate crisis, they are paving the way for others to accelerate change too.

But to achieve a wide-scale shift, radical leaders must identify their most powerful communications tools. As George Latham, Managing Partner, WHEB Asset Management, explains in the report: “Taking a radical idea mainstream must be about communication. Being able to explain new concepts in a way that consumers can understand. The green industry is just beginning to work this out.”

As a specialist green agency, Greenhouse PR works exclusively with clients that are pioneering sustainability in the sectors most in need of radical transformation: food, energy, finance, fashion and transport. Our campaigns range from supporting the youth climate strikers in challenging the UK government, helping shift billions away from fossil fuels and supporting a dynamic new energy system, to nudging behaviour change in consumer lifestyles.

Many of these clients say that not only have we helped them increase investment, sales and partnerships, but we have also changed the business context in which they operate. This is because we tell the most galvanising stories of these new green radicals.

Are you one of them?

We invite the UK’s most revolutionary businesses, entrepreneurs and campaigners to join us in challenging business as usual with radical systems-based solutions to the climate challenge. We will supercharge your communications to achieve change on the scale we need to protect life on earth.

You are the people behind the products, brands, campaigns and movements which are more than just on the right side of history. You are reshaping history. You are turning humankind’s greatest threat, into its greatest opportunity.

Join us.

Read New Green Radicals

The report is produced by Greenhouse PR in association with BusinessGreen. Follow live on social media with #NewGreenRadicals.

At Greenhouse, we support a wide variety of organisations pioneering climate action. Whether it’s fashion, finance or farming, if you’ve got a great story and need our help to tell it, get in touch with the Greenhouse team on 0117 214 1250 or email