Need a last minute gift? Send a cow…

This year, instead of spending money on presents that we don’t really need, the Greenhouse team is donating gifts to those less fortunate than ourselves via Send a Cow.

In Africa, 70% of people rely on the land to feed their families and make a living, but climate change means harvests are less reliable and land is less productive.

By giving to Send a Cow, you are helping to lift families out of poverty. Every donation contributes to permanent change where people are happier, families are more harmonious and children are educated.

This is one of the most important gifts you will ever send. It will enable a family struggling in Africa to transform their lives, and work their way out of poverty.

But it doesn’t stop there…

The multiplier effect

As families become farmers – and often their own bosses – they naturally want to share their success with others. This means that every person who is helped by Send a Cow passes on knowledge and skills to another 9 family members, friends or neighbours on average.

One gift to Africa goes a very long way. How fantastic is that?

Sned a Cow

We each chose a gift that we felt would make a big impact…

  • Educate a child
  • Teach an orphan to farm (x2)
  • A chicken
  • A calf
  • A goat
  • Feed a child (x3)
  • Super stove
  • Keyhole garden
  • Solar lantern
  • Tip tap
  • Beehive (x2)
  • Mandala gardens (x6)
  • Bike boots and a barrow

Here’s why…

“My favourite animal is a cow – I find them restful and restorative for the soul.

But they also give milk and healthy nutrients to communities, and manure, and then they have more calves that can be shared among the community. A cow just keeps on giving.”

Anna – a calf

Send a Cow

“These gifts can provide a family with a safe source of light and electricity, a source of income and a clean place to wash their hands.”

Rosie – Solar lantern / tip tap

 “I think it’s so important for children to understand the need for nutritious food. A healthy child is also much more able to concentrate in school and have a positive future. This is also knowledge that can be shared with their family, friends and future generations.”

Will – Educate a child


“I’ve chosen this as it can help several families, assisting them to plant and grow their own crops (ideal for veg) to feed themselves year round. They don’t need much land to succeed, it works for those living on a slope and all the family can learn how to maintain the garden, perhaps a new skill, and giving them something to be proud of.  And of course it they get to enjoy the pleasure of eating their own produce.”

Chrissie – Mandala gardens


Some of the most successful farmers go on to become peer farmers, training others in how to get the best out of their farm. They are ambassadors – spreading the good news and the learning. An d that is what we are all about at Greenhouse.

Please log on and give what you can this Christmas. These are gifts that genuinely keep on giving.