Meet the Greenhouse Team

A collage of photos of Greenhouse's employees.

A shared vision for change

The strength of Greenhouse and our ability to deliver impact for our clients comes from investing and taking care of our awesome team.   We are communications specialists united by our commitment and drive to power positive change in the fight against the climate emergency.  

From energy and clean technology to nature and food innovation, the Greenhouse team has a wide range of expertise and interests, but we all have one thing in common: our passion for a bright, sustainable future.  

While we all come from different backgrounds, we pride ourselves on doing the right thing, working with clients who align with our mission and always aiming to create as much impact as possible. And this impact is growing before our eyes – in the last year alone, we’ve grown from 30 to more than 50 people and our team has seen some incredible achievements as a result.  

“I created Greenhouse to bring together a community of like-minded people who feel inspired and passionate about creating change. I love to help clients develop a powerful communications strategy and ensure we deliver exceptional results to create the change we want to see. “

Anna Guyer

With teams based in the UK but operating internationally, Greenhouse is made up of communications professionals, climate and social activists, digital and media experts and experienced writers and content creators. By creating this community, Greenhouse has been able to offer a truly integrated team that always puts the mission first.  

“As a linguist at university, I had the chance to develop my communication skills in learning new languages and engaging with different cultures. Now, in working for Greenhouse, I’m able to put these skills to good use in combination with my other great passion of fighting climate change.”

Will Vowell
Account Manager

Looking out for each other  

The fact that our work is mission-led means our team is committed to go the extra mile to deliver impact for our clients. To combat the risk of people burning out, we have developed, refined and embedded a holistic wellbeing strategy with our people and our values at its heart.  

The strategy ladders up to our business strategy and includes policies that encourage people to spend time in nature, like the inter-team walking challenge where we committed to plant a tree for each mile walked. It also allows for ringfenced time for strategic thinking, a budget per person for creative pursuits such as learning a language, weekly yoga classes and free access to mindfulness apps. 

“The walking challenge has been so much fun! It brought out my competitive side but also helped me become more active and spend more time away from my desk. Overall, I’ve noticed I’m in a better mood and more focused.”
Maria is white with brown hairand is wearing a cream and black stripy jumper and she is stood in front of a large white building.
Maria Dolben
Senior Account Executive

We have a real commitment to staff wellbeing which is role modelled by our senior team and we have nominated ‘champions’ in each department to help embed good habits and boost participation. 

We also respect that in being so passionate about the work we do, each team member has their own beliefs and values. We, therefore, allow space for staff to step back from working on accounts or campaigns if there is a clash of personal beliefs. We also apply very strict criteria to all new business briefs to help determine if they align with our values. We take great pride in only working with organisations that are committed to driving positive social and environmental change and consequently have very few conflicts of interest. 

Flexibility is the new normal 

Everyone is encouraged to flex their working hours to suit their own personal needs and preferences – whether that’s taking an extended lunch break to walk the dog or finishing early to do the school run.  

‘Time to Think’  

We all know that work-life balance is important, but how can we ensure everyone is truly taking time out to reflect and relax? With this challenge in mind, Greenhouse came up with ‘Time to Think’, allocated time in our staff planner every month that allows team members to take time away from their desks to revisit hobbies, nature, creative pursuits or other personal activities.  

“Working life at Greenhouse is fast-paced and exciting. Our Time to Think gives us the chance to take a step back from the day-to-day and look at the bigger picture. It’s an opportunity to do some gardening, go for a walk, listen to some podcasts and to reflect on our work as an agency and what more we can do to accelerate positive social and environmental change.”

Max Boon
Account Director

Creating the A Team 

We feel privileged to be able to align our work with our values, which has enabled us to create and sustain a uniquely energising company culture. This has allowed us to recruit and train the best team possible to help fight the climate crisis through communications.  

As a certified B Corporation since 2017, we make sure we walk the walk, so we can attract talent who live and breathe sustainability. From organic tea bags in the office to offering ethical pension plans, we ensure our team can access benefits that enable them to have their own positive impact on the planet. Other sustainable benefits include subsidised cycle to work and EV leasing schemes and discounts on 100% clean energy suppliers. 

Effective communications will be crucial in the race to net-zero. We need the best PR professionals to use their skills to accelerate climate and social action. We’re always on the lookout for like–minded people to join us. If you think you might be one of them, drop us a line.