Meet our new youth activist recruits

5 people are stood together holding placards and protesting for climate justice.

Youth activists are the next generation of climate leaders. That’s why we are committed to recruiting and supporting young climate activists from diverse backgrounds, to join us and to learn about communications and grow their skills and expertise with Greenhouse.

We have a team of activists, campaigners, academics, and former policymakers – all working towards driving positive social and environmental change.

Over the last year, we have recruited more than 10 new activists.  We are in awe of their knowledge of the issues, their campaigning experience, and we are learning from them how we view climate through the intersectional lens that they advocate and have grown up with.

Meet some of the impressive youth climate activists on our team and watch this space as they develop to become the leaders of the future.

Sunita Ramani

“Everyone has their role to play as an activist, and since I love talking, mine is to keep raising awareness and shouting as loudly as I can until the whole world is out on the streets demanding climate justice.”

Sunita is a grassroots activist and organiser to raise awareness, educate and encourage individual and societal action on climate change.

While at university, she ran the Vegetarian and Vegan Society, campaigning against animal exploitation, which led to her co-organising Durham University’s Climate Strike, delivering a powerful speech on the devastating impact of animal agriculture on our planet.

At Greenhouse, Sunita works with leading campaigners in biodiversity restoration and food systems transformation – including the Just Rural Transition and EIT Food.

“Working with Greenhouse gives me the opportunity to use my passion for activism to generate powerful communications campaigns to support organisations driving change.”

“Continuing my journey as an activist I want to be going to protests and demonstrations, speaking out, being involved with the local community and helping to bring more people on board as we go forward.”

Emma Wilkinson

“A really big passion for me is empowering and mentoring and supporting young women to ensure that there’s equal representation at decision making tables, that their voices are heard, that they feel empowered to speak out as well.”

Emma supports leading ocean conservation initiatives and empowers youth climate activists. She helped to set up Global Choices’ youth-led and intergenerational Arctic Angels action network, driving action on the Polar ice crisis. With Global Choices, Emma built a network spanning 23 countries, from Greenland to Uganda, mentoring leading young women climate justice activists across the world. Emma regularly speaks out on climate priorities and advocates for the protection of marine biodiversity, most recently at the Nobel Peace Centre.

At Greenhouse, Emma is excited to platform ambitious climate action, the ocean-climate nexus and the voices of climate justice activists working on the ground.

“I feel like there isn’t really a distinction between climate activism and my job at Greenhouse because it’s so integrated. Showing up to work every day is acting for change.”

Verel Rodrigues

“Being involved in activism helps me to deal with my eco-anxiety – I feel a lot better when doing something to raise awareness rather than doing nothing at all.”

Verel got stuck into activism after reading about the Amazon wildfires in 2018. After seeing such devastation, he knew he had to take action to bring about change. He uses his skills to mobilise support, finding those who are like-minded and share his passions, getting to know them and inspiring them to fight for climate justice.

Verel embodies activism not only through his work, but also in his personal life, regularly attending protests, living a low-carbon lifestyle, and advocating for a more plant-based, vegan diet nationwide. Verel set up and led the campaign to stop HS2 – from creating the website, managing social media, to landing the front page of the Evening Standard.

Verel Rodrigues joined our clean tech and energy team at Greenhouse, working to help accelerate new technologies globally.

“The climate crisis is the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced. I am hopeful that we can mobilise our society to take action and become more resilient for the future.”

Megan Stillwell

“My activism started off with me loving the outdoors and nature when I was very young. It then moved on to realising that I need to protect the outdoors – you can’t just take it for granted.”

Megan Stillwell is a climate activist who is dedicated to making the world a greener and fairer place for all. Megan has been involved in several climate events, from organising an official Mock COP26 fringe event to becoming a G7 Youth Summit Ambassador. She surrounds herself in activism, making it a big part of everything she does. Her next step is volunteering at COP26 where she hopes to mobilise climate action to grab the attention of world leaders. 

Megan joined the Greenhouse digital team in January. She creates impactful digital campaigns for organisations that want to drive positive change. She worked on the Beyond Net Zero campaign for Greenhouse, and the Global Legal Action Network’s Youth4ClimateJustice case.

A crowd of protestors, one is holding a megaphone.

Kiran Athwal

“Activism means using our voices to speak out against social, political and economic injustices to influence those who have power to be catalysts of change.”

Working in our clean tech and energy team, Kiran understands firsthand how important the energy sector is as the one of the biggest drivers of economic development. However, when it comes to climate, energy generation is also one of the world’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases. Kiran uses her communication skills to bring sustainability to the energy sector, delivering clean electricity, and the opportunities it unlocks, to the people. 

Working at Greenhouse, Kiran can do just that every day. Aside from the inspiring clients she gets to work with, Kiran has also had the opportunity to speak with environmentalists from such a wide variety of backgrounds, putting people of colour at the forefront of the conversation around climate. As a person of colour herself, she really appreciates having a platform to express her views through her work.

“Black and brown people have always been environmentalists, but we’re not seen as them. I really appreciate, being a person of colour myself, having a platform to express my views through the work I do.”

 Madeleine Lynch

“Greenhouse stands out from other companies as we’re encouraged to showcase our activism. Activism to me is raising our voices to fight injustice and doing what we can do to support those who are leading the fight against the climate crisis.”

Madeleine has a passion for policy and advocacy. She supports campaigns which take governments to court for climate inaction, platform youth voices fighting the climate catastrophe, and release ground-breaking reports to shift policymaking. Madeleine pushes politicians to use their power to save our planet by writing and meeting her MP, campaigning for fair and just policies, and attending protests. At Greenhouse, she is motivated by the the activism of her colleagues and the tangible impact of our campaigns. 

“Greenhouse really stands out from other companies because it encourages us to be activists. Activism is really doing what I can to support those who are leading the campaigns and the fight against the climate crisis.”

Jessie Wilson

“Activism is challenging the status quo and challenging the way things are rather than just accepting it.”

Growing up on the island of Bermuda, Jessie has first-hand experience of the significant effect of climate change. Hurricanes, rising sea levels, and beaches covered in plastic have made a lasting impact and the thought of these continuing to worsen in the coming years has ignited her activism.

Jessie has attended protests, signed hundreds of petitions, and written innumerable letters to her MP to call for change. 

Working at Greenhouse has given Jessie the outlet to take part in activism every day.

“Essentially we’re working with companies that are changing the status quo and really helping this revolution for a cleaner and greener society.”

Lisa Arseneau

“My activism manifests in educating myself and trying to put that forward to my networks of friends and family.”

Lisa found herself engaging with the fight against climate change after learning about the truly devastating impact of fast fashion on people and planet. She is a self-educated activist, with an arsenal of facts to combat even the most sceptical dissenter. 

Through Greenhouse, she has developed her appreciation for the power of storytelling and is delighted to work for such an influential platform that promotes positive chance across all facets of the climate crisis.

“Working at Greenhouse in itself becomes a form of activism through offering tangible and accessible solutions.”

Georgia Crump

“I’m particularly interested in intersectionality and making sure all groups of people are looked after.”

During her dissertation, Georgia studied the impact of Hurricane Katrina on local communities. Having learnt that the effects of climate change are hugely disproportionate, she committed to using her communications skills to platform the voices that are not usually heard.

At Greenhouse, Georgia works with the advocacy team, devising strategies to campaign for a sustainable future.

“I’ve really loved finding a community of people who also care and are doing really amazing work and making things happen and standing up for what they believe in.”