Making Change Happen

Making Change Happen

What change do you want to see in the world?

Whether it’s shifting pension funds away from fossil fuels, shining a light on sustainable food and farming, or pioneering a low carbon smart grid, we deliver campaigns that create tangible impact in the sectors most in need of transformation.

We believe purpose can come before profit and PR can be a force for good. We build brands, develop sustainable communications strategies, and promote the ideas, technologies, products and services, that offer solutions to the big challenges we face.

Greenhouse has delivered more than 25 campaigns over the last year, creating tangible impact across key sectors from finance and energy, to food and farming. We work with inspiring businesses like Pivot Power, CNG Fuels, Organix, RSPO and Triodos Bank to achieve long-term positive change.

Find out more about some of the organisations we’ve worked with and how we can help tell your story.