Make a noise about the Autumn Budget – what should we really be investing in?

We know our economy isn’t working: the world’s richest 1% have more wealth than the rest of humanity. In the UK, average wages are falling while the cost of living is rising. And a single-minded pursuit of money has serious consequences for the health of our planet.

Tomorrow, the Chancellor will make his annual statement on the national budget. We want to make this a moment where the country talks about investing in real prosperity, rather than politicians and elite commentators talking about ‘budget constraints’ and wealth creation for a minority.

Real prosperity depends on investing in the things which truly increase wellbeing. A YouGov poll commissioned by Action for Happiness found people would choose happiness and wellbeing over increased overall wealth by a dramatic 87 to 8%. And 80% of UK investors want to see a fairer and more sustainable society, according to a survey carried out by Triodos Bank.

As part of Happy City’s #InvestIn campaign, we want everyone to take part in a debate about what really matters. We’re asking everyone to stage a takeover on social media, by dominating the official budget hashtags #AutumnBudget and #Budget2017 with their own ideas about what makes real prosperity.

How you can take part:

  • Join the #InvestIn Thunderclap and flood Twitter with messages at 8am on Budget Day. Happy City need 100 people to sign up to make this happen.
  • Follow the debate and share on social media.
  • Check what people are saying on the hashtags #InvestIn, #AutumnBudget and #Budget2017.
  • Follow the @Greenhouse_PR and @HappyCityUK Twitter accounts for updates throughout the day.
  • Share some of these ‘Have I Got News For You’ style images: