Londoners experience the gift of pure air in sensory Somerset House installation

POllution Pods

Over 95% of the world’s population live in places where air quality levels exceed WHO limits, with air pollution now the fourth highest cause of death globally, after high blood pressure, diet and smoking. Both outdoor and indoor air pollution are worsening with the burning of solid fuel such as coal and more cars on the road.

This week, Greenhouse PR has been supporting the launch of an innovative, sensory installation which will help visitors experience for themselves the effects of air pollution in five different global cities. Pollution Pods, created by the artist Michael Pinsky, will be on display at London’s Somerset House as part of its Earth Day celebration. The installation has been commissioned to test whether art can change people’s view of air pollution around the world.

A series of geodesic domes will recreate the quality, smell and temperature of the air in five different locations: London, Beijing, São Paulo, New Delhi and Tautra, a remote peninsula in Norway. They will experience first-hand how each city varies as to the levels and sources of key pollutants and therefore the harmful effect they cause.

Airlabs recreates pure air of Norwegian peninsular

To replicate the pure air of the Norwegian peninsular, filtering technology has been installed by Airlabs – a team of atmospheric chemists and airflow engineers dedicated to reducing people’s exposure to air pollution.

Airlabs’ Nano-Carbon technology is the first method proven to remove high levels of gases alongside all other key pollutants including particulate matter from the air we breathe, in a low energy manner.

Raising awareness of the causes of pollution

Greenhouse PR has been supporting Airlabs and the broader team behind the installation to tell the story behind the artwork, highlighting the causes of air pollution around the world and the incredibly harmful effects it can have.

We created powerful messaging to help tell this story and worked with journalists with an interest in the environment, art, business and multimedia to bring the installation to life. Working with the team at Somerset House, we co-ordinated a photo call on the opening day of the installation and set up a day of briefings between for the artist and Sophie Power, entrepreneur and CEO of Airlabs. Interviews took place with ITV London, Press Association and The Independent, among others – all using the backdrop of Somerset House’s main courtyard.

The Pollution Pods and Airlabs’ technology have, as a result, been widely featured, including in the GuardianLondon LiveAir Quality News, and edie.

Greenhouse PR takes great pride in working with pioneers who are helping to expose and tackle some of the world’s biggest environmental issues, such as air pollution. If your organisation has a story to tell, we’d love to hear from you.