London Climate Action Week 2020: Keeping COP26 firmly in our sights.

Nick Mabey-LCAW

After the success of London Climate Action Week Digital in July, we are delighted to be working with E3G again this November for LCAW 2020. Ahead of the event Nick Mabey shares this guest blog on one of London Climate Action Week’s key themes: The roadmap to COP26.

Nick Mabey – Chief Executive, E3G

How do we keep up momentum for global climate action in a year that saw COP26 postponed? London Climate Action Week (LCAW) is taking place from the 14th-20th November and is looking to keep the spotlight on COP26 and set out a clear pathway to the 2021 event in Glasgow.

The week will showcase a series of events highlighting how London’s politicians, businesses and civil society can turn climate pledges and promises into action. With communications support from Greenhouse, London Climate Action Week hopes to achieve meaningful and far reaching discussion across a number of climate change topics.

“The roadmap to COP26” is one of four themes for London Climate Action Week 2020, with the others concerning: A green, fair and resilient recovery, a sustainable and net-zero London and the whole of society climate mobilisation.

Chief Executive of E3G Nick Mabey discusses the importance of LCAW 2020 and its focus towards COP26 as well as his hopes and aspirations for November’s event.

Creating a Global Climate Action Community

London Climate Action Week is about creating community beyond just an array of exciting events.

LCAW harnesses the power of London’s global networks, bringing ambitious climate thinkers together to shift the politics around climate action. Organisers and participants are in the driving seat, co-creating a week of climate action together.

The community formed around LCAW extends beyond the week. It goes on to carry new solutions and ideas to decision makers, influencers, and societies across the world throughout the year.

For example, connecting leaders from Less Developed Countries to London’s financial hub or highlighting what needs to happen between now and COP26 to ensure successful climate action.

The mission is clear, LCAW is creating collaboration to drive the transition to an equitable, resilient, net-zero emissions world.

The significance of COP26

The annual UN climate conference (COP26) brings a global audience together to assess real climate progress and identify what more needs to be done. The ‘Roadmap to COP26’ theme at London Climate Action Week presents a massive opportunity to connect a large network to the sometimes abstract world of global climate diplomacy.

With the UK hosting COP26 in Glasgow in November 2021, London is set to become a major focal point for global climate change action. LCAW 2020 and 2021 in July will provide key moments in the build-up to climate action at COP26.

Our theme will allow the climate change community to showcase how London, the UK and the world can work together to deliver ambitious climate action to help achieve the aims of the Paris Agreement.

The roadmap to COP26 at LCAW brings fresh energy to tackling the climate emergency.

Developing momentum towards COP26

With just a year to go to COP26, the clock is ticking. After the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, the pathway to a successful COP26 remains unclear. There have been some big wins like China and Japan joining the net-zero emissions club, but climate momentum is drifting.

I’m looking forward to our theme bringing the brains of the diverse LCAW community together to map out the critical actions and moments needed to get maximum progress over the next year. In doing so, I also think LCAW 2020 will set a leading global example of how to bring together the whole spectrum of society in virtual spaces to drive climate action.

I hope that by the end of the week the Roadmap to COP26 theme will have lived up to its name and offered the climate change community a renewed sense of momentum, agency and direction towards COP26.

London Climate Action Week 2020 takes place from the 14th to 20th November 2020.

To find out more and see the full schedule of events, visit, or join the debate by searching #LCAW2020 and #LDNClimateAction on Twitter and LinkedIn 

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