Leading oil companies spend $1 billion on climate lobbying and ‘greenwashing’

Greenhouse PR supported the launch of a major InfluenceMap report, revealing that the five largest listed oil and gas companies have spent more than $1 billion of shareholder funds touting their climate credentials, whilst lobbying behind the scenes to protect and expand their fossil fuel operations since the Paris Agreement.

The report disclosed that ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, BP and Total are making significant efforts to “maintain public support on climate while holding back binding policy” and finds that these actions are  “overwhelmingly in conflict” with the goal of keeping global warming as close to 1.5°C as possible, as agreed at the 2015 Paris Climate Summit.


Greenhouse worked closely with InfluenceMap to maximise the impact of the report and increase international pressure on the oil majors. The report highlighted the pressure and damage exerted through the trade group alliances, hiding the real truth and extent of anti-climate lobbying.

What did Greenhouse PR do for InfluenceMap?

  • Developed compelling media materials, targeting key influencers (investors, litigators, trade associations, politicians, oil and gas majors, pro and anti-fossil fuel trade groups) to drive nuanced media coverage.
  • Engaged with key global media to sell-in the story – identifying and maintaining close contact with key news, media and industry publications to: secure global coverage, amplify the reach of the report, and secure commentary opportunities for the InfluenceMap team.
  • Developed an impactful social media strategy for launch, identifying influencers and helping build an online community on Twitter and LinkedIn to maximise the report’s impact.
  • Created pressure campaigns and generated international support for InfluenceMap through collaboration with NGOs, including ClientEarth, Carbon Tracker and Global Witness.
InfluenceMap Media Coverage

Highlights of Results:

  • 63 (and counting) pieces of international coverage, spanning across 24 countries over 4 continents.
  • 10 interviews with key global media, including Reuters Breaking Views, Ian King Live for Sky News and Taggespiegel.
  • Delivered a “body blow” to the oil industry, demonstrating the power of communications to generate global kickback and change public opinion using nuanced narratives.

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