David Attenborough launches State of Nature report

More than 10% of UK species are threatened with extinction. The release of the State of Nature report on UK wildlife makes for a hard hitting and sobering read. But all is not lost and we can still work together to turn around the fortunes of wildlife.” – Sir David Attenborough

Building on the ground-breaking State of Nature report of 2013, a coalition of over 50 leading wildlife and research organisations have come together to produce the clearest picture yet of UK wildlife. The report reveals that an astonishing 56% of UK species have declined since 1970, and perhaps more worryingly that more than 10% of UK species are threatened with extinction.

The 2016 State of Nature report was launched this morning by Sir David Attenborough and UK conservation and research organisations at the Royal Society in London, with separate events also held in Edinburgh.


While highlighting the biggest challenges UK wildlife faces, The State of Nature Report, 2016 doesn’t exclusively focus of the negatives. It’s lead author Mark Easton also emphasises that Since the 2013 report, the partnership and many landowners have used their knowledge to underpin some amazing scientific and conservation work.” And following this latest State of Nature report, “There is a real opportunity for the UK Government and devolved administrations to build on these efforts and deliver the significant investment and ambitious action needed to bring nature back from the brink.”

There is a strong consensus among all those involved in the report, including Sir David Attenborough that “we must work together; Governments, conservationists, businesses and individuals, to help it. Millions of people in the UK care very passionately about nature and the environment and I believe that we can work together to turn around the fortunes of wildlife.”


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For a full copy of the State of Nature 2016 report and to find out how you can do your bit to save UK wildlife visit the RSPB website.