A Stella launch for the UK’s first clean air store

Airlabs PR

The effects of air pollution have been well-documented in recent months – it is the largest environmental risk factor linked to deaths in England, with London reaching its annual air pollution quota within just a month this year. But few people are aware of the potentially devastating effects of air pollution indoors – in everywhere from offices, to shops and houses.

This week, Greenhouse supported the opening of the UK’s first ever clean air store. The fashion icon and ethical champion Stella McCartney has partnered with Airlabs, a team of atmospheric chemists, to remove the toxic fumes that enter the store.

The central London store will be the first to use nano-carbon filter technology from Airlabs, which removes 95% of the pollutants and harmful gases in the air, making it the ‘cleanest’ store in London. Much of this pollution comes from diesel cars along London’s Old Bond Street, one of the busiest and most polluted streets in the country.

Airlabs’ own research revealed that the air on the ground floor of stores on nearby Oxford Street had similar pollution levels to the air outside. Even on the first floor of these shops there is no escape from the fumes, with 50% of those pollution levels seeping upstairs.

It is the first time that the technology has been installed in a commercial building, and its ease of scale and flexibility means clean air is now available to workplaces across polluted cities.

Raising awareness of indoor air pollution

With no regulations currently set for indoor air pollution and millions of people across the country breathing polluted air in their workplace, Greenhouse has partnered with Airlabs to raise awareness of these issues.

After carefully crafting the messaging and working closely with the team at Stella McCartney, we took the story to media. We spoke to journalists from the environment, fashion and technology press, offering impactful images and interviews with Sophie Power, the CEO and co-founder of Airlabs.

As a result, the Airlabs story has so far been picked up in high profile media covering everything from Independent and HuffPost, to BusinessGreen, edie and Retail Times.


At Greenhouse, we work with entrepreneurs who have the technologies and innovative ideas to drive the transition to a cleaner, less polluted world. We also recently launched the Pollution Pods with Airlabs, an innovative, sensory installation which will help visitors experience for themselves the effects of air pollution in five different global cities.

We take great pride in working with pioneers who are helping to expose and tackle some of the world’s biggest environmental issues, such as air pollution. If your organisation has a story to tell, we’d love to hear from you.