100 global financial institutions unfriend coal

This week, Greenhouse PR supported the launch of an IEEFA report which reveals that over 100 major global financial institutions have taken action against coal since 2013, a landmark in the global campaign to unfriend coal.

The group of financial institutions includes 20 insurers with more than $6 trillion combined investments. Until recently, the role played by insurance companies in fossil fuel development often went unnoticed, but without insurance most new coal mines and coal plants cannot get funding, and many existing facilities would have to close down.

Greenhouse has been supporting  The Unfriend Coal Campaign over the last two years to bring the industry under greater scrutiny, collaborating closely with other progressive NGO members Client EarthGreenpeace AustriaAvaazRe:Common and Urgewald, among many others. The campaign has successfully highlighted the action required by insurers to prevent coal development and shamed laggards that continue climate-destroying activity.

What we have done:

Benchmarking action with the launch of the Global Coal Insurance Scorecard

For the last two years we have launched Unfriend Coal’s annual Insuring Coal No More Scorecard, a forensic analysis of insurers’ coal policies. The campaigns set a benchmark for action against coal and publicly identified industry leaders and laggards.

Reactive media relations with a proactive press office.

We make sure we are the first to hear about breaking news by keeping our finger on the pulse of global news and insurance media, maintaining close contact with industry journalists. We secure commentary opportunities for Unfriend Coal to recognise progress and spotlight organisations failing to take action.

Strategic social media campaigning driving action.

We use social media to connect grass-roots climate activism with the coal insurance debate, pinpointing key audiences and driving action, backed by digital advertising to increase influence. 

Targeted pressure campaigns through collaboration with NGOs.

We collaborate with NGO partners in the Unfriend Coal network to coordinate company-specific campaigns, exposing policy loopholes and building pressure on company laggards. 

Supporting activist protests to amplify reach.

We drive impact by effectively communicating Unfriend Coal’s spectacular protests. We livestream flashmobs and liaise with hidden photographers to bring climate activism to the screens of other campaigning organisations and influencers. 

Are you an organisation working to put an end to fossil fuels? Get in touch with Greenhouse to discuss how we can help increase your impact through communications.