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Showcasing the benefits of forest restoration

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Humans have over-exploited landscapes, through deforestation, farming and overgrazing. Every year we lose 13 million hectares of forest, our soils are being depleted and climate change is an existential threat. Urgent commitment and action from global governments to restore forests is critical for all species and human survival. ​


The Bonn Challenge is the world’s largest restoration initiative, with over 60 countries pledging to restore more than 200 million hectares of degraded or deforested land. Greenhouse launched a 24hr digital event with live panels, short films, new report, media coverage and social media content, demonstrating the huge impact of forest landscape restoration and called on governments ramp up restoration commitments.


60 media articles, including Sky News, BBC World, Euronews and Reuters, with a reach of 9.73 million. #RestoreOurFuture was shared by 1,662 unique Twitter accounts with a reach of 9.7 million. More than 50 influencers engaged, including Bianca Jagger, Dia Mirza and Lucy Siegle. Exceeded digital KPIs by 269% and exceeded media KPIs by 183%.​


More than 70 countries took part in the event online, from Bangladesh to the USA. Major government spokespeople reported forest landscape restoration as the best way to tackle health, biodiversity and climate crisis. The Government of Pakistan announced it has joined the Bonn Challenge and committed to restore 1m/ha by 2030.​

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