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Transforming the banking sector



Since 2016, the top five UK banks have pumped nearly £150 billion into fossil fuels. Our challenge was to motivate consumers to use their money as a force for good by switching to an ethical bank which only funds organisations creating positive social and environmental change. 


Greenhouse launched ‘Change your bank, change the world’ campaign to move their money away from fossil fuels to support a greener future. We worked with Lily Cole as an ambassador to launch the campaign with film, data and integrated digital and media relations to get the concept of banking to change the world into mainstream media.


Media highlights included coverage in The Guardian, BBC Radio 4 Money Box, The Independent, The Ecologist and Balance Magazine. In total, we delivered 17 pieces of coverage, with a reach of >852 million and an estimated 4 million coverage views. Lily Cole’s Instagram post generated over 2,000 likes and her Instagram stories were broadcast to 88,000 followers.


The campaign resulted in a record number of applications for current accounts and generated widespread engagement across social media, including tweets from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Friends of the Earth and Extinction Rebellion.

Media Coverage