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Shining a light on roadmap to sustainable sugarcane

Food and Agriculture


Sugarcane production can drive social and environmental challenges such as gender inequality and water use. Bonsucro’s mission is to accelerate the development of a sustainable sugarcane sector to deliver positive measurable impact for people, planet and profit. 


Increase awareness and interest around Bonsucro Global Week 2019. Communicate the impact and work of Bonsucro, engage multiple stakeholders across the supply chain and drive traffic to Bonsucro’s website. 


Delivered 792,000 hashtag impressions on Twitter, achieved 5,000 engagements and engaged stakeholders in the sustainable sugarcane debate. Increased website traffic to interviews with sector leaders by 523% from social media.  


Strengthened Bonsucro’s position as the leading voice in the sector. There was a visible increase in stakeholder engagement during and post-campaign. 

Digital Highlights