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Raising the voice of business on mandatory nature assessment and disclosure


Business for Nature and the Capitals Coalition

Our businesses. Our economies. All of our livelihoods depend on nature. But when nature is declining globally at rates unprecedented in human history, it is a fundamental risk to businesses and financial institutions not to be aware of their impacts and dependencies on nature. Without this information, they are flying blind (into extinction).

Working with Business for Nature and the Capitals Coalition, we devised the Make it Mandatory campaign, calling for mandatory assessment and disclosure in the Global Biodiversity Framework. This involved developing a campaign narrative, key messaging, a unique look and feel, and new designed assets. We developed a report with new data from CDP that made the case for mandatory assessment and disclosure on nature, revealing nature disclosure data to be lagging behind climate.

“You always go above and beyond to get the job done, which we hugely appreciate in what is VERY busy time. We really are delighted with the results – it has certainly captured something in people’s imaginations. The feedback has been astounding – with many companies sharing their support publicly and importantly very positive feedback as you know from governments who are impressed with the number of businesses calling for mandatory assessment and disclosure on nature at COP15.”

In just three weeks, more than 330 businesses joined the #MakeItMandatory campaign. We secured more than 260 media articles, reaching 10.9 million people, in key outlets such as The Guardian, Reuters, IANS, France24, O Globo, and BusinessGreen. On social media, content reached more than 2.4 million accounts and #MakeItMandatory was shared 700+ times, including Paul Polman, Christiana Figueres, Elizabeth Mrema, and the UN High Level Champions.

Target 15 (mandatory assessment and disclosure) hit the headlines globally and received sustained attention throughout CBD COP15 in Montreal. Countries including the UK and Australia engaged with the campaign in bilateral meetings following the launch, building support ahead of COP15. Business for Nature was at the heart of the negotiations on Target 15 as an expert voice, and the final GBF includes an ambitious Target 15, creating an obligation for governments to require all large companies to assess and disclose their risks, impacts and dependencies on nature.

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