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Launching the Planetary Guardians

Education and Youth

Amplifying the group as authorities on climate science

The Planetary Guardians are a collective of committed leaders who have dedicated their lives to serving people and the planet. They are coming together with no other agenda than to do the right thing to secure a safe, just, and healthy future where humanity and the planet flourish together. 

Their mission is to elevate the climate science to make the Planetary Boundaries a measurement and operating framework for the world and to start a movement where everyone, everywhere joins forces as guardians of our shared home.

Results and impact:

Articles secured

in publications worldwide

Estimated views of media coverage

million, in over 15 countries

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Op-eds placed

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Journalists at press briefing

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Launching the Planetary Guardians

Challenge: building awareness of the Planetary Boundaries

The Earth is beyond safe operating space for humanity in six of nine key measurements called “planetary boundaries” including climate, biodiversity, land, freshwater, and novel chemicals, according to the latest science. But the science is not being listened to, and acted on, by key decision makers.

Solution: championing climate science

Launch The Planetary Guardians, a new collective of world leaders, climate activists, business leaders and celebrities who plan to carry out an annual “check-up” on the planet’s health, deploying these findings to try to influence how the UN and national governments go about safeguarding Earth. We organised a press conference in New York, allowing journalists to hear from the Guardians themselves – including Mary Robinson, Sylvia Earle and Xiye Bastida. 4 interviews secured with the Independent (UK) and AFP (FR), and BBC World Service with President Mary Robinson, President Santos and Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim.

Results: reaching 32 million people worldwide

The launch day press conference was attended by 8 notable journalists including NBC, Forbes and The Independent. We achieved global media coverage, with 115 articles published in over 15 countries. The coverage reached an estimated 32 million people worldwide and was shared across social channels over 11,000 times.

Impact: renewed importance on climate action

Launching The Guardians at Climate Week New York established the group as an authority on amplifying climate science. Media coverage focused on the Planetary Boundary science and the importance of action to prevent us crossing further boundaries. It also provided hopeful messaging on how we can bring the other boundaries back.

Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland, speaking at the Planetary Guardians launch event at New York Climate Week 2023 (Credit: Christopher Farber)
Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland, speaking at the Planetary Guardians launch event at New York Climate Week 2023 (Credit: Christopher Farber)

Media coverage

The over 100 articles that we secured led to an estimated reach of 32 million people. Here are some of the highlights from that coverage:

Top stories included…

The Independent: In-depth interview with Former President of Ireland Mary Robinson resulted in a long length feature.

Washington Post: Transcription of an event held with Mary Robinson and Aiysha Siddiqa discussing the Planetary Guardians and the need for a new climate movement. 

NBC News: Richard Branson announces Guardians of the Planet climate coalition

Collage of media publications covering Planetary Guardians


We worked with the Planetary Guardians to develop two thought leadership pieces to land after the launch. 

The op-eds delve deeper into the climate science behind the challenges we face and showcase it is possible to bring planetary boundaries back within safe operating limits.

Greenhouse strategically supported with narrative, editing and placing the op-eds in key outlets.

Johan Rockstrom, Hindou Ibrahim, Silvia Earle at the Planetary Guardians Launch
Johan Roxkström, Hindou Ibrahim, Dr. Silvia Earle at the Planetary Guardians launch event at New York Climate Week 2023 (Credit: Christopher Farber)

What our clients say:

“The team at Greenhouse are incredibly clever, competent, and thorough. As we worked to launch the Planetary Guardians initiative during Climate Week 2023 they provided us expert guidance and opinion on how to maximise our visibility during a crowded media landscape, which played a crucial role in the success of the launch and the subsequent media and PR surrounding the Planetary Guardians and the science they’re championing.”