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Launching the Breakthrough Agenda at COP26

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Promoting sign ups to the Breakthrough Agenda campaign

Launched by the UK Government at the World Leaders Summit at COP26, the Breakthrough Agenda aims to strengthen international collaboration to make clean technologies and sustainable solutions the most affordable, accessible and attractive option in key sectors and in all regions by 2030.

Challenge – deliver radical transformation and innovation to get to net zero

There was significant doubt ahead of COP26 as to whether we could halve global emissions by 2030 and reach net zero by mid-century to keep 1.5 degrees warming in reach. 

The challenge was to demonstrate that we have the leadership, solutions, and collaboration, to deliver radical transformation and innovation to get to net zero.

Solution – launching the Breakthrough Agenda to showcase tangible action to keep 1.5 degrees within reach

Launch the Breakthrough Agenda with a positive vision of clean, green future economies at the COP26 World Leaders Summit – showcasing how tangible action is happening now to keep 1.5 degrees within reach. 

This included messaging, brand identity, distinctive digital and physical branding, two films premiered at the Summit, a digital toolkit, social media content, and on the ground event support with the world leaders.

Results – over 40 signups from world leaders and 8m X (formerly known as Twitter) impressions

More than 40 world leaders signed up to the Breakthrough Agenda at COP26 and #GlasgowBreakthroughs reached more than 8M Twitter timelines, with social content shared by Boris Johnson, Nigel Topping, Ban Ki-Moon and many more.

Greenhouse has supported the Breakthrough Agenda at the UN General Assembly, COP27 and COP28 to deepen engagement and strengthen resolve.

Impact – securing the commitment of billions of dollars in innovation funding

$14 billion of investment was committed to innovation by leaders from the US, India, China, European Union, developing economies, and countries most vulnerable to climate change, representing > 70% of the world’s economy and every region.

Joe Biden on the podium discussing the Breakthroughs at COP26

What we did

Hero films

Greenhouse produced two high-impact films premiered to world leaders at COP26. 

The first, narrated by Christiana Figueres, introduces the global goal of Breakthroughs and set the scene for a net zero future, the second showcases 14 NSA voices highlighting their support and actions making the Breakthroughs a reality.

Brand identity

Developed a new, bold, versatile digital and physical brand to showcase the Breakthroughs. 

The branding complemented the COP26 and Race to Zero identities and was easily adaptable to work across all governments, sectors and future Breakthroughs.

Example of the brand identity for Breakthroughs

Digital content

Designed to support leaders, stakeholders and audience members to deliver unified messaging and drive wider engagement.

Examples of the digital content designed for the Breakthroughs

What our clients say:

“A massive thank you on behalf of the entire Breakthroughs team to Greenhouse for their incredible support. Greenhouse did an absolutely phenomenal job and have been a pleasure to work with. Everything was delivered to an excellent standard, from the films to the branding to the toolkit – the list goes on and on.”