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Accelerating integrated clean energy systems to get to net zero

Energy and Clean Tech

Launching a new NGO, Integrate to Zero

Integrate to Zero is a not-for-profit global initiative bringing together civil society, governments and businesses to create Virtual Power Plants across the globe for the benefit of consumers, utilities and the climate. By integrating renewable energy solutions, we can break down siloes and enhance collaboration locally and globally.

Results and impact:

Engagements at launch


Newsletter sign-ups
Number of impressions


New social followers
Website visits in first month

thousand visitors

Accelerating integrated clean energy systems to get to net zero

Challenge – halving global emissions by 2030 with the help of clean energy technologies

We have the clean energy technologies needed to halve emissions by 2030, but our approach is disconnected. We need to deploy these technologies in integrated energy systems to reduce costs, emissions and accelerate the transition. A coalition of climate and energy experts needed to launch a new NGO to advocate for change.

Solution – creating and launching Integrate to Zero to maximise clean energy system integration

We created and launched Integrate to Zero, a global NGO campaign to maximise awareness of clean energy system integration and stimulate new approaches.

Greenhouse created the vision and mission, name, brand, messaging, website, film, graphics, imagery, social channels and a newsletter to give life to the initiative, launched via a paid media campaign.

Results – building large-scale awareness to establish Integrate to Zero as a credible movement ahead of COP27

More than 2M impressions, 100K engagements and 500+ followers, with 2.4K website visits and 50+ newsletter sign-ups in the first month, taking the campaign from zero awareness to credible movement ahead of COP27.

Impact – establishing a new global advocate for systems integration

Established a new global advocate for systems integration as a critical lever to accelerating global decarbonisation, mobilising supporters behind the initiative at COP27 and beyond.

What we did

Brand identity

Created the brand name, logo, messaging, visual identity, hero graphics, and content.

Brand identity for Integrate to Zero

Hero film

Produced a hero film to launch the campaign, explain the mission and impact. The film content formed the basis of an organic social media campaign, paid digital campaign and stakeholder engagement for the digital launch.

Optimised landing page for conversions

Using audience research and guided by our content strategy, we created a highly engaging and functional web experience to profile the campaign and provide a portal for information and engagement.

Screenshot of the Integrate to Zero website

Social assets

Designed a suite of engaging digital assets to support launch reach and audience engagement, via organic social media and paid digital. 

Examples of the social assets designed for Integrate to Zero

Digital toolkit for partners

Preview of the digital toolkit for Integrate to Zero

What our clients say:

“What began with a vision for unlocking consumer benefits from clean energy by integrating supply and demand, became reality through Greenhouse’s expert industry and communications knowledge. From refining our messaging and proposition to conceptualising our brand identity with engaging assets, social media content and brand new website, Greenhouse was instrumental in helping us advocate for integrated global energy systems to enable cleaner, more affordable power.”