UK election watch: the top 15 climate stories you can’t miss

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From green budgets to clean energy promises, each week we’re publishing the top climate stories you need to know about ahead of the UK general election. A majority of people in the UK say the climate crisis will influence how they vote next month, with younger voters feeling particularly strongly about the issue, according to a ground-breaking opinion poll from ClientEarth, supported by Greenhouse. If you haven’t yet registered to vote, sign up here.  

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Coming up this week

  • Labour manifesto launch: Labour’s manifesto, including details of its Green New Deal plans, is to be launched on Thursday; meanwhile, the Conservatives are likely to delay the launch of their manifesto until two weeks before election day, and the Brexit Party will not release a manifesto at all.
  • Election debate: The first election debate of the campaign shall be happening live this Tuesday evening on ITV, a head-to-head between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn – make sure to listen out for potential questions on climate change / environmental policies.
  • Turnout for climate: Keep an eye out for the It’s Our Time campaign, which is running two projects this week, with the aim of encouraging young people to register to vote for climate change.

While more climate related news is breaking each week in the lead up to the election, the most critical issue of our time urgently needs a bigger spotlight. Join over 120,000 people and sign this petition calling for a televised election debate on climate change, in a campaign led by Possible and UKSCN and supported by Greenhouse. 

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