Support the Future Generations Bill

Today, Big Issue Founder Lord John Bird and Caroline Lucas MP have joined forces to give a voice to future generations. The ‘Today for Tomorrow’ campaign is calling for a Future Generations Bill, which tackles short-term thinking and focuses on Britain’s wellbeing.   

This is a progressive Bill which will ensure that there is a framework in place to support the wellbeing of current as well as future generations. It places the livelihoods of those most vulnerable to social and environmental inequalities at the heart of policy making. 

The Bill calls for national well-being goals for the whole country to work towards, creates a UK Future Generations Commissioner to act as a guardian for the unborn, sets up a Joint-Committee on Future Generations in Parliament, and requires budgets to measure and increase their preventative spending.  

In implementing this, the UK would follow in the footsteps of Wales, the first, and only country, to currently have a Future Generations Commissioner. Sophie Howe took on this role in 2016, and since then she has campaigned for several initiatives to improve the wellbeing of future generations, leading to the Future Generations Report 2020.  

Support the Bill and protect future generations 

  1. Email your local MP to urge them to attend a Zoom the drop-in session with young ambassadors of the Bill.  
  2. Follow the campaign on social media at @BigIssue. 
  3. Visit the website and join the future generations movement.  

Local MPs are being asked to attend a Zoom drop-in session with young ambassadors of the Bill (aged 16-25) during ‘Wellbeing Week’, which takes place Monday 25th to Thursday 28th January. The MPs who attend will speak to the young people about the pertinent issues affecting future generations ahead of the second reading. 

“The decisions taken today shape the future and it is time that the wellbeing of future generations was hardwired into today’s policymaking. That is why, last year, I introduced the Wellbeing of Future Generations Bill into the House of Commons, and it is scheduled to have its second reading on Friday 29th January. If, like me, you believe that future generations deserve a brighter tomorrow, then please take two minutes to email your MP.” 

Caroline Lucas, MP

The Wellbeing of Future Generations Bill 

 At the heart of the Today for Tomorrow mission is the drive to dismantle the root causes of poverty, to tackle the climate crisis, avoid the need for future generations of Big Issue vendors, and promote preventative action. 

The Bill will require the UK government to:  

  1. Work on prevention of problems. Including the climate crisis and poverty, not just reacting to emergencies to provide a cure.  
  2. Give current and future generations a voice in decision-making.  
  3. Deliver a new, sustainable vision for the national that prioritises our environmental, social, economic and cultural wellbeing. 

“The pandemic has shown we need more long-term thinking and planning in government.  If passed into law, the ‘Wellbeing of Future Generations’ Bill will help tackle the climate crisis, poverty, pandemics, and much more,”

Lord John Bird

We urge you to write to your local MPs to rally support ahead of the second reading of the Wellbeing of Future Generations Bill in the House of Commons which will take place on Friday 29 January 2021. 

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