Stand up for wildlife at #ThePeoplesWalkforWildlife with Chris Packham


This Saturday, 22nd September, BBC Springwatch presenter and wildlife enthusiast Chris Packham will march through London alongside thousands in the People’s Walk for Wildlife, calling on our government to halt the destruction of habits and wildlife.

Stand up for wildlife

Simply saying ‘we care’ is not enough. Conservation must become central to decision making, no matter the political party. To enforce this message, Chris Packham launched The People’s Manifesto for Wildlife on Wednesday with contributions from “17 of the best independent, free-thinking campaigners with their fingers on the pulse of UK conservation” that could save Britain’s increasingly silent wildlife populations.

The likes of George Monbiot and Robert MacFarlane will be joining Chris Packham in The People’s Walk for Wildlife, a march of unification through London to demonstrate public support for wildlife. If you’re in London, join the crowds to call for change.

Download the first draft of the manifesto here. The document, which will be ever evolving, contains a series of proposals on the steps we can all take as individuals to protect Britain’s wildlife habitats and conserve our landscape for generations to come.

Supporting farming that protects wildlife

Pertinent to the protection of Britain’s wildlife is the recent historic shift in legislation
with the launch of the new Agricultural Bill. Greenhouse had the privilege of providing PR support to the Nature Friendly Farming Network (NFFN) in their positive response to the much anticipated Bill. Since the inception of NFFN at the beginning of the year, their political farming voice has become influential, pushing the sustainable farming agenda into the Agricultural Bill.

Catch Martin Lines, chairman of the NFFN speaking at the People’s March for Wildlife, about the important role farmers have to play in saving the country’s wildlife.

Wildlife needs us all – farmers, scientists, conservationists, environmentalists and you – to look beyond the short-term and act now. Download the manifesto, share it and encourage family and friends to join The People’s Walk for Wildlife on Saturday.

It is a great honour to work with passionate organisations that dedicate their work to protecting the environment. Greenhouse recently organised a Plastic Free Protest March with sustainable period company Natracare. Read about the campaign and the coverage we secured here.

If you are an environmental pioneer who has a great story, get in touch with our team on or call 0117 214 1250 to find out how we can help.