Smart Energy Islands: cutting carbon on the Isles of Scilly

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The global energy industry is in the midst of unprecedented change. The goal is to deliver a clean, affordable and smart energy system that works for all. One of the key activities being carried out to ensure this transition is successful real-world testing. This is where innovative clean technologies are rolled-out in a contained way to overcome any hurdles and prove efficacy before being taken to scale.

Smart Energy IslandsSmall islands are a very useful testbed for these activities. They have a contained grid network, which is easier to control than larger-scale scenarios – such as across the UK itself – but with many of the same variables.

We recently worked on one such programme – called Smart Energy Islands on the Isles of Scilly – to announce the first installations of Moixa’s Smart Home Batteries. This landmark £10.8 million project aims to transform the lives of people living on the Isles of Scilly, including many fuel poor households, and provide a model for communities worldwide.

Led by Hitachi Europe Ltd, Smart Energy Islands aims to demonstrate how solar power, home batteries, smart heating and electric vehicles can be used to support the islands’ energy system and reduce bills for the whole community. By 2025, the project aims to:

  • Cut energy bills by 40%.
  • Meet 40% of energy demand through renewables.
  • Ensure 40% of vehicles are electric or low-carbon.

Smart Energy Islands will provide a model to energy system operators around the world and demonstrate how clean technologies can help deliver new low-carbon networks, while also making energy more affordable and accessible.

Greenhouse worked closely with the project managers and communications teams at Moixa and Hitachi to develop compelling a narrative which we pitched to our contacts in the national, industry trade and regional press, securing more than 35 pieces of quality coverage, including Reuters, This is Money and Utility Week.

Keep your eyes peeled for future announcements from the Smart Energy Islands. In November, the batteries, smart heating devices and an electric vehicle are due to be integrated with an Internet of Things (IoT) enabled energy resource management platform, developed by Hitachi Europe Ltd. This innovative platform will be able to use the smart technologies to absorb or release power, helping to balance supply and demand across the islands.

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