Launch of nationwide campaign to expose the junk in children’s snacks

White person with long blonde hair stands in front of a supermarket aisle with a puzzled look on their face.

Founded 25 years ago, organic baby and toddler food brand Organix has worked tirelessly to pioneer healthy children’s food, lobbying Government and the food industry through impactful, attention-grabbing campaigns. To continue that tradition, Greenhouse has been working with Organix and TV personality and food investigator, Cherry Healey, to launch a nationwide junk-busting campaign to investigate what’s hiding in baby and toddler snack foods.

Increasingly concerned about the slip in nutritional standards in children’s food, Organix commissioned a survey to uncover the junk and unnecessary ingredients that are being added to little ones’ foods.

Facts exposed:

  • Number of ingredients: some baby and toddler snacks contain up to 30 separate ingredients.
  • Added salt: some baby finger foods and toddler snacks contain almost the same level of salt as a regular bag of adult crisps.
  • Regulation: some of the foods sold in the baby aisle are not protected by regulations.

Cherry said: “As a mum, I feel passionately about the quality of children’s food.  There are some great snack foods on supermarket shelves but there’s also some misleading labelling, and I’ve found unnecessary ingredients hiding in baby and toddler snacks, like added flavourings and salt.”

To support the campaign, we produced three short films featuring Cherry, to help parents understand misleading claims and what to look out for on packs. Organix want parents to be properly informed about the choices they make in supermarkets and the campaign invites everyone to investigate their own baby and toddler food aisle.

To date, we have achieved coverage in the Daily Mail, The Telegraph, Metro, Radio Sky News, Radio Devon, Female Firstand Xpose, with a combined readership of over 650 million.

Telegraph, MailOnline, Metro coverage - Organix

The press coverage was supported by a blogger campaign that called on our existing network of parent bloggers to investigate their own local baby and toddler food aisle. The Junk Busting mums and dads delivered engaging, insightful blogposts that offered their own experience and advice in order to provoke a wider conversation with their readership. Here are just a few examples: Le Coin De Mel, Mother’s Always Right, Eats Amazing, Veggie Dessertsand Gourmet Mum.

Mummy bloggers Instagram coverage - Organix

The next step for Organix is the release of a major new Kids Snack Report, due to be published in September 2018, which will examine over 150 snacks sold on the baby and toddler food aisle.

You can join Cherry Healey and Organix in the junk-busting debate and campaign by using the hashtag #FoodYouCanTrust.

Greenhouse PR has also supported Organix with several other projects to promote a healthy ‘no junk’ lifestyle, such as Engineering Taste and their 25thanniversary. To hear more about our work, head over to our case study page.