Highly Commended at BusinessGreen Leaders Awards 2020

Greenhouse Business Green Awards 2020
Greenhouse was Highly Commended in the ‘Communications Agency of the Year’ category at the prestigious BusinessGreen Leaders Awards.  This is the ninth consecutive year that Greenhouse has either won or been highly commended in this competitive category. We were recognised by the judges for creating tangible impact to accelerate the move to a green economy and sustainable future – across infrastructure, energy, transport, finance, food and farming, in the race to carbon zero. The awards celebrate businesses, NGOs, public sector bodies and individuals that are leading the UK’s progress in sustainability. They are rigorously judged by a panel of leaders in the green economy. Anna Guyer, founder of Greenhouse, said: “The BusinessGreen Leaders awards are a unique celebration of the determination that defines the best green businesses. We are so proud to be recognised for the ambition and boldness that underpins everything we do at Greenhouse. “We work exclusively with the pioneers – NGOs, entrepreneurs and businesses – accelerating change and creating positive social and environmental impact. The last year has been hugely important for us in that mission. We have delivered more than 40 campaigns creating tangible impact to accelerate the move to a green economy and sustainable future.”

Highly Commended Communications Agency of the Year

This year, we have doubled our staff to meet growing demand and we have delivered more than 50 campaigns in 2019/20 for NGOs, entrepreneurs and businesses, changing attitudes and scaling solutions to climate change.

Our challenge is always to share the breadth and impact in 1,000 words – here’s a flavour of what we have achieved:


Supported UK Student Climate Network leading up to Global Climate Strike to shift the narrative and demonstrate multi-generational support for climate action. We called on the public to stand in solidarity with students, briefed and managed student spokespeople, organised media events across the UK and ran the media hub outside Parliament. More than 350,000 people joined the strike and it was lead story on TV and radio news. Calls for climate action reached an estimated audience of 49 million through 1,900 pieces of media coverage.



Launched Client Earth’s Climate Snapshot on UK attitudes to climate change, on the morning that the general election was announced, to ensure that climate change became a significant issue in the general election. We used the results of a consumer poll to frame climate change as a major issue that could determine the outcome, highlighting 70% of adults demanded more climate action in the face of climate emergency and 54% said it would influence their vote.  ‘Climate change as a critical issue in the election’ was cited in more than 240 articles, referenced in political debates and quoted by influencers including Environment Agency Chair Emma Howard Boyd.

“Fantastic results. So great to see the story mentioned in so much follow up coverage referencing climate change as one of the key issues in the General Election. So widely debated by MPs and by influencers, that it was everywhere. Great work team!”


Launched FinanceMap platform for InfluenceMap, revealing which of the world’s largest asset managers are failing to ensure companies to align their business models with Paris Agreement.  FT cited it when BlackRock joined Climate Action 100+ and announced its focus on sustainable investing.  Integrated multi-media campaign resulted in high-profile international coverage (163 articles in 24 countries), with engagement from influencers, including Christina Figueres.

“I would like to thank Greenhouse PR for their professionalism & persistence in our recent collaboration on asset managers and climate. The impact on the sector and our partners to move more quickly on climate has been profound as a result of the media coverage. The interviews which were set up, allowing us to communicate the required nuances of the story, made a huge difference.” 


Greenhouse has supported Unfriend Coal (now Insure Our Future), an international campaign calling on insurers to cease insuring and divest from coal from 2017.  As a result of the campaign the number of insurers withdrawing cover from coal rose from three in 2017 to 19 in 2019, representing 46% of the global reinsurance market and 9.5% of the primary insurance market.  This year we developed and launched annual industry scorecard, which found that value of assets divested rose from $4 to $8.8 trillion, > third of industry’s global assets.  The integrated media and digital campaign achieved 100+ articles in 22 countries.

“Greenhouse PR helped us to drive greater collaboration by demonstrating the risks to insurers of backing coal. Their input on planning, content and execution was invaluable, and the impact we have collectively achieved has resulted in major insurers committing to exclude coal in the future.”


Three-quarters of world cities will experience dramatic changes in climate by 2050 and the challenge was how to bring that to life and make it ‘real’ for decision makers.   With Crowther Lab, we developed a global media and digital campaign to launch the Cities Report and online tool, to capture attention and drive behaviour change among decision makers at scale.  We brought comparisons and challenges to life by visualising the changes e.g. London to Barcelona today, Madrid to Marrakesh, Seattle to San Francisco.  Over 500 articles and extensive digital reach led to engagement with mayors and city leaders, and influencers, from the WEF, to Leonardo de Caprio.

Communicating science in a way that is relatable and inspires action is not easy, but Greenhouse were instrumental in getting this vital message to a truly global audience.  Whilst their knowledge in relation to the media landscape is outstanding, they’ve also demonstrated a fantastic ability to grow our network and deliver much needed attention towards restoration organisations all around the world.


We exposed links between global supermarkets and illegal fishing operations supplying fishmeal and fish oil (FMFO) to fish farming industry by launching research from Changing Markets Foundation. International media coverage forced leading supermarkets to respond – Indian government announced plans to curb expansion of FMFO factories, and major FMFO producer Skretting announced a $2 million investment in alternative fish feeds.

Emerging markets environmental campaign
“Greenhouse has played an invaluable role in raising awareness of our work documenting the huge issues caused by the fishmeal and fish oil industry. Their expertise and understanding of our objectives has been essential in bringing attention to our campaign, which was also greatly aided by them getting the support of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. It has been a pleasure to work with such a professional and innovative team.”


We highlighted the powerful economic case for the rapid phase out of coal needed to avoid climate breakdown through the launch of a Carbon Tracker report.  It warned developers of financial risk – wasting $638 billion on 500GW of planned new coal power cost. It was widely reported that it would be cheaper to build new renewables and close down 60% of existing coal plants. The campaign resulted in more than 900+ pieces of media coverage, across 24 countries, used and quoted by significant opinion formers.

“The dynamic Greenhouse team has achieved phenomenal results, translating a complex technical narrative into compelling content and helping to cement our reputation. Their understanding, enthusiasm and willingness to assist always exceeds our expectations”.


MPs signing the Divest Parliament pledge seek to send a powerful message by divesting fossil fuels from the Parliamentary Pension Fund. More than a third had signed in May when Greenhouse secured national coverage for a historic Westminster debate on the financial and ethical risks of fossil fuel investments, with 63 million estimated views. In October we announced that 300 MPs had signed, triggering a further surge in pledges, recently resulting in Parliament pledging to divest.

“Greenhouse have been super helpful and worked wonders during such a difficult time for pitching MP-focused content. We have so much gratitude to Greenhouse for their brilliant press work. It has really impacted the campaign in a positive way and more and more MPs are signing the petition as a result. Pressure is mounting”.


Our mission is to accelerate the transition to the green economy. We focus where we can create the greatest impact, and our reputation attracts some of the most exciting and innovative brands with solutions that can be replicated and scaled globally.

Specialising in the green sector has enabled us to build a thriving, profitable and sustainable business, which doubled in size last year, taking us from 18 staff and an annual turnover of £1.5m in 2018-19 to 32 staff and £3m turnover with offices in Bristol and London.

We are proud to be a certified B Corporation and part of a global community which celebrates businesses that put purpose before profit and meet rigorous standards on staff welfare and environmental performance.   Our ethics and values are embedded in the company.  We invest 30% pro bono time helping mission-driven charities and NGOs to scale change – from The Climate Coalition, UKSCN, FareShare, to Wilderness Foundation.

Effective communication is crucial if we are going to achieve net-zero. We need the very best PR professionals to use their skills to help accelerate climate action. Winning this award will help us to attract the industry’s top talent and grow to scale our impact.

If you’re working to create positive change and need help telling your story, please get in touch with the team on 0117 214 1250 or email info@greenhousepr.co.uk.