Greenhouse Pioneer: Chris Wright, Moixa

Chris Wright Moixa

We are in the midst of an energy revolution, moving from a centralised system that relies on fossil fuels to a decentralised system through renewables. Moixa Technology is changing the way we produce and use electricity by creating new smart storage and DC (direct current) technologies. Greenhouse caught up with Chris Wright, Co-Founder and CTO of Moixa, to find out what he’s most proud of this year, and how he’s inspiring change in others.

What drives you?

Working to transform the relationship between individuals and the energy system which has, until now, been a one way, centralised system. The rise of distributed generation and smart technology is giving way to increased control for consumers, allowing renewable energy to become a solution rather than a grid intermittency problem.  The internet and new storage technology means consumers can choose when they use grid or self generation power and storage systems further increase flexibility and cost savings. Householders are becoming both a customer and a provider, shifting the control of our energy system from the centre to the edges, which in turn will maximize our use of renewable power and minimize the back-up requirements from fossil fuels. The big energy providers are already preparing for the wide adoption of this new reality.

Which campaign/innovation are you most proud of this year?

The pilot project that Moixa conducted with Scottish Power, rolling out our batteries and with supporting software to show how the technology can allow flexibility in energy use for the benefit of home owners’ energy bills and demand management. Another successful project, conducted with

Oxford City Council and British Gas, involved deploying 100 systems into a small community of homes and demonstrate the value of community level energy storage, which also dramatically reduces consumer power bills.

moixa energy

Moixa’s smart battery Maslow product

What are they characteristics that inspire change?

Change has to be led by technology that works for the consumer so that it becomes the driver of change rather than demanding behavioural change. Energy storage technology that works for consumers so they shouldn’t have to change when they want to use power.

How is whatyou’re doing inspiring change in others?

We are working to help drive the smart energy revolution so that technological advances serve and support consumer demand whilst also reducing our impact on the environment.  Technology will deliver the means to ensure societal development, resource efficiency and carbon savings.

Who are your green business heroes?

Those that had the vision to be early movers and developers in this space, for example, Jeremy Leggett.  Elon Musk is an inspirational and aspirational figure, he is building a brand that is simultaneously transforming three industries at a rapid pace.

What excited you about the future and our progress towards a low carbon economy? 

We are in a place where technology is progressing at such a pace to make use of existing and available resources to deliver comfort and health to all levels of society.  For example, off grid solar, solar lights and other emerging technologies have the potential to deliver the energy that we need. It is the combination of technology and market forces that will deliver the carbon savings we need and there is hope that we can deliver this in time.

What are you reading?

Sustainable Energy – Without the Hot Air by David J. C. MacKay

Cradle to Cradle. Remaking the Way We Make Things by Michael Braungart

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