Greenhouse brand and mission 

Greenhouse mission green G with leaf background

Powering positive change in this decisive decade 

Today we’re unveiling the new Greenhouse Communications brand and website, and with it, sharing our energy, passion and unwavering commitment to powering positive change. 

The new branding reflects the expanding scope and vision of our work. Greenhouse has been forging its own path within the communications sector by solely working with people and organisations dedicated to having a positive impact on the planet. Our new brand and website affirms our mission to drive social and environmental change on a global scale. 

Why now? 

We are at the start of the most significant decade in history when it comes to combatting the climate emergency, and there is no time to waste. The latest IPCC report showed us that it’s crucial we shift the world to net zero and beyond by 2030.  

The UK will be hosting COP26 in Glasgow this November. World leaders and policymakers will set targets for keeping global warming at a minimum during what is being acknowledged as the most critical conference of its kind. It’s clear that the time is now to take immediate and collective action to avoid an unthinkable future. 

It’s time to tell the stories that matter. Greenhouse Communications is made up of a brilliant team of change-makers, who power green communications across the globe. We see the potential that our communications expertise has to scale ideas and technologies, and in turn catalyse positive social and environmental change. By partnering with game changers who have ambitious ideas and solutions for a sustainable future, we can drive impact and help bring about vital transformation. 

Our focus 

There are five principles that underpin the way we work at Greenhouse: 

  1. We are mission led. We have this at the centre of what we do because we care about the clients we work with. We care that the work we do with them creates positive change. 
  2. We work with game changers in the industry to scale and deliver measurable impact.  We know the status quo can’t change without innovation, invention and integrity. So we work together with those who can help us bring about that transformation. 
  3. We use insights and creativity to build powerful integrated campaigns that drive action, and lead to change. Whether the campaigns are consumer-based, political or organisational, we thrive in finding solutions to problems. 
  4. We are totally immersed and embedded in green networks for change.  Our team is not just made up of communications professionals, but activists, academics and former policymakers. Our A-team is multifaceted and we celebrate that. 
  5. We are a regenerative business, meaning we are always investing in building a sustainable future. From how we manage our office teabag waste, to making decisions on the clients we work with, we hold each other to account. 


At the heart of Greenhouse is a dedicated group of social and environmental experts who bring our diverse skillset in communications to our work. We strive for empathy, authenticity and impact in all that we do.  

Not everyone at Greenhouse is an activist – but we encourage each other to think as though we are. We’re not afraid of a challenge; we break down assumptions and tackle subjects that others ignore. 

Our ‘call to arms’ comes from a place of passion and respect for people and planet. 

What next? 

Collectively, we have the power to drive positive social and environmental change on a global scale. We feel invigorated and ready to do all we can at this crucial moment in time, and beyond.  

For our part, we will continue to tell stories that amplify the voices of those who have the vision, ideas, innovation and commitment to create a future that is still within our reach. Please join us. 

If you’re changing the game with an ambitious ideas or solution for a sustainable future, then drop us a line.