World’s leading environmentalists meet to share ideas to transform the global food system

Greenhouse launched a digital campaign helping to bring together over 100 of the world’s leading environmentalists to tackle major issues facing the global food system between 15-18th March 2018, in Freiburg Germany, at the 7th annual International Convention of Environmental Laureates (ICEL) hosted by the European Environment Foundation.

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Agriculture is responsible for 75% of deforestation worldwide, the way we currently produce our food is impacting on the environment in a significant way. Large-scale monocultures and intensive agricultural farming are accelerating the extinction rate of species and the degradation of ecosystems.

If we are to ensure food security, a struggle made more profound by climate change, then the time to act is now.

Those attending the conference were the world’s leading environmentalists, human rights activists, scientists, and entrepreneurs, who share a vision and goal for a more sustainable future. The ICEL event provides an annual platform for leaders to collaborate and develop strategic and long-term partnerships.

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This year’s event brought together leaders from Pfizer to Greenpeace International to debate our ‘Ecological FooDprint’ and ways to secure sustainable food systems in the context of a rapidly growing world population and unprecedented climate chaos.

Call for Change
The ICEL event culminated in a powerful call to action for governments, leading businesses, and consumers. The world’s leading environmentalists demanded:

For governments:
• Develop policies that incentivise sustainable agriculture, reduce food loss and waste and that promote consumption of healthy and nutritious food.
• Support international programmes like the One Planet Network Sustainable Food Systems Programme;

For businesses to:
• Contribute to transparency in the supply chain in which they are operating;
• Move towards regenerative and agro-ecological agriculture.

For consumers to:
• Reduce consumption of meat and of other animal-based products;
• Buy sustainable or organic fresh, local, seasonal produce and eliminate processed food.

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Greenhouse developed a targeted social media campaign. We achieved shares online from Jennifer Morgan – Greenpeace International, and influencers from Forum for the Future, and World Research Institute adding gravitas and enhancing support for initiatives to transform the global food system. The campaign hashtag has achieved a reach of almost 1 million, with 125 contributors from across the globe. Click here to support the call for a sustainable food system.