Give back this Christmas with Send a Cow

We worked with Send a Cow this year to launch their #DontWasteXmas campaign on Giving Tuesday, a day of international giving and charity awareness. From beehives to goats, we asked the Greenhouse PR team to share their reasons for gifting through Send a Cow this Christmas.

With Send a Cow training in farming, gender equality and enterprise, families can learn how to grow nutritious food and build sustainable incomes that break the cycle of poverty, permanently. Whether you choose to send a donkey, garden gadgets or a clean latrine this year, you can feel good knowing that your gift will keep on giving well beyond Christmas Day.

“This gift is one that really stood out to us as one that keeps on giving. The fact that milk from the cow can be used for both nourishment and a source of income is fantastic. We also loved reading that families who receive a calf promise to pass on the first born female calf to another family in need… this is really helping less fortunate communities in perpetuity! I think the quote on Send A Cow’s website sums it up brilliantly. “My cow’s calf is female and I will pass it on. In 3 months’ time this calf will go to another family who needs help. The first calf was a bull which I sold – with the money I sent one of my children to university.” – Will Spragg, Toby Dye and Max Boon.

“Goats provide milk for families to develop an income and manure to help with vegetable production. I love the fact that Send a Cow empowers people to lift themselves out of poverty.” – Jenny Briggs.

“It’s really tempting to choose one of the gifts with an appealing and emotive picture – the piglet being cradled by a small child gets me every time! A toilet doesn’t feel particularly Christmassy but I know it will have a huge impact on the recipient, transforming hygiene and safeguarding health. I also like the fact that Send a Cow provides the materials and training but the family builds the latrine themselves.” – Helen Bell.

Rainwater Harvest

“We know, through working at Greenhouse, the devastating effects unpredictable weather patterns are having on farmers. Ensuring that families have enough water for both themselves and their farms seems like a basic and fundamental right which not only provides them an income but helps food security in the region. – Charlie Dakin, Mayowa Ogunremi and Will Vowell.

Educate a Child

“Education reduces poverty, improves gender equality, boots economic growth, increases income and reduces child marriage rates. In this way, education is one of the most important investments you can make and so is the most special gift we could give this Christmas.” – Charlie Dakin, Mayowa Ogunremi and Will Vowell.

“Educating a child is empowering them to build a stronger future. It can deliver huge impact not just for the child, but their families and communities.” – Rosie Williams and Emily Greenwood.

Kid Goat

“Firstly, I love goats. But more than that, they are incredibly hardy and resilient animals that provide nutritious milk which is valuable at market, produce manure that is useful for growing crops and can be bred to make more super cute (and useful) baby goats.” – Mollie Atherton.


“I think the orchard is a great gift as can be both sold and eaten by people themselves. It also keeps on giving every year and on top of that trees provide great climate benefits and the orchard will be a beautiful place to visit.” – Rosie Tod.

“Orchard trees are the gift that keeps on giving! Not only do they provide delicious fruit, but they take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, their roots prevent soil erosion, and they provide a great source of shade for crops and animals alike.” – Gertie Goddard.

“I love the idea that these trees can grow along with families who plant them, improving soil and the ecosystem and providing fresh fruit to eat and potentially sell in the longer term.” – Liam Thomson.

“Orchards provide fruit, feed for livestock whilst protecting farms from soil erosion. Also, reforesting is something that needs to happen everywhere in the world to protect biodiversity.” – Tom Tabram.

“I am delighted that we can give a family the gift of an orchard that will bring them shade and fruit for years to come. Send a Cow do such vital work and transform people’s lives, what is more Christmassy than that?” – Maria Bowler.

Support a Start Up

“I’ve chosen it because I believe as well as eradicating disease and extreme poverty, international development must focus on supporting people, communities and countries to grow and become self-sustaining economies driven by community ideas, products and businesses.” – Phil Armstrong.

“I chose the ‘support a start-up gift’ because I believe that the knowledge and education that is offered as part of this gift is beyond a physical present. The fact that it could help people to feel empowered and can have a really lasting impact is what draws me to it.” – Francesca Fox.

“I chose this because supporting families to build a successful business sounds like a great way to make long term impact, empower families and help them thrive.” – Alice English.

Keyhole Garden

“It allows a local family to get involved in helping themselves, growing food with a good yield that then helps feed a family with 3 meals a day. A direct, positive impact for 1 x family – learning, growing and feeding it’s educational, nutritional and fun.” – Chrissie Williams.

Thanks to my allotment, I know what a huge difference being able to grow your own vegetables means for a family’s nutrition, out-goings and enjoyment of food. Not only is it a cost-effective way to have access to healthy meals, it is hugely educational for everyone in the family.” – Flora Hancox.

“I love the circular approach – design and method – to growing food.” – Helen Munro.

Super Stove

“As we work mainly in the commodities sector, ensuring we do what we can do avoid deforestation is always at the forefront of our minds. We chose the Super Stove because it stops the need for cutting down trees and avoids harmful smoke – making a positive impact on both people and the forest that can be enjoyed for generations to come.” – Julie Jamis and Jade Cox.


“The wonderfully energizing properties of coffee keep the world spinning, so I hope it helps them too.” – Ed Hopkins.


“We’ve chosen to gift a beehive because bees pollinate the local farms and gardens, so the community will be able to sell more produce to the markets and make a living. The bees will also provide the local community with delicious honey to sell, or enjoy for themselves! This Christmas, we’ll have the privilege of eating sweets and it will taste even sweeter knowing that we’re gifting Christmas treats to communities in need.” – Maria Dolben and Rachel Parkes.

Tip Tap

“This remarkably simple innovation is a ‘must gift’ for me due to the near-immediate benefits it brings to the communities it is deployed in. It represents one of the earliest building blocks in the quest for helping neighbourhoods reach their potential – minimise disease and so many more doors open.” – Kate Garrett.

“I’ve chosen it because it’s an African-designed solution, so I know it’s needed and appreciated.” – David Mason.

If you would like to donate to Send a Cow, check out their virtual catalogue here.

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