Climate breakdown coverage takes the cake

Cats, cake, Brexit and picnics have had more mentions on British TV channels than climate change according to new research from BAFTA.

Subtitles to save the world uncovered that mentions of ‘beef’ (a food source with one of the highest carbon footprints per gram) were 20 times greater than all of the environmental search terms combined.

How much does climate change even get talked about in broadcasting - new BAFTA report.

Given the enormity of the threat and scale of the challenge we face, this is not good enough and Greenhouse is joining the call for more environmental plot lines and references across our screens.

Climate breakdown will impact every part of our society – from the food we eat, to our homes, transport and natural environment. Movements like Extinction Rebellion have taken the cause towards a tipping point but achieving real change will only happen once environmental solutions become the mainstream choice.

The influence of Blue Planet II and Climate Change – The Facts demonstrates the benefits of increasing awareness and the need for a bolder stance from the industry. Reusable bottles became a must-have following their inclusion on hit show Love Island, but more can be done to communicate sustainable lifestyles within popular culture.

How much does climate change even get talked about in broadcasting - new BAFTA report.

We spend an average of 3 hours 23 minutes watching TV every day. Imagine the impact of incorporating environmental solutions into the programmes we love to watch? Food waste cooking tips on Saturday Kitchen, cycling routes through Albert Square and plastic-free shampoo bars on Fleabag could just be the start.

That’s why Greenhouse PR strives to work with clients from all sectors leading the charge towards a low carbon economy. If your organisation is working to create a more sustainable world and looking to increase its impact, get in touch and let’s team up in the fight against climate change.