4 Reasons Why We Love Working With Green-Energy Pioneer Jeremy Leggett (and why he loves working with us)

We have reached an exciting tipping point in the evolution of global energy. When money and markets talk, things start to happen and we are currently witnessing major global organisations, like the Rockefeller Foundation, divest and move their money away from fossil fuels.

JL-book-coverThe Bank of England has just promised to examine ‘stranded assets’ and review their impact on the financial markets. And at the same time, a significant drop in oil prices, pressure on fossil fuel company profits, and a feeling of ‘panic’ throughout the industry has significantly heated up the debate.

For a long time, I have viewed investment in new clean, green energy as fundamental to a sustainable future. Now, as prices in new technologies come down and reach grid parity, a window of opportunity is emerging for governments and responsible businesses to take action and show their support for a new green economy.

As you can tell, I’m very excited about what’s happening. And to work with Jeremy Leggett in bringing to market his new book, ‘The Winning of The Carbon War’ – a monthly, serialised eye-witness account of his time on the front lines of campaigning against the fossil fuel sector in the run-up to the climate talks in Paris this December – has been equally thrilling.

The project has involved: understanding and translating Jeremy’s vision; creating a coherent communications strategy; engaging with high-profile influencers within thebusiness, energy and green media and blogging community; and creating compelling content to encourage widespread engagement and debate.

4 reasons why we love working with Jeremy Leggett

1. He’s a crucial player in the carbon war

Jeremy is in a fantastic position to make comment and make sense of what is happening as the carbon war plays out. He has a voice and a perspective that deserves to be heard. The more people that get to hear, learn and use the knowledge and information that he has, the more effective we can become in creating significant change the world needs.

2.He brings a different perspective

He comes from an oil background; he switched to being a campaigner because he learned what was happening to the planet through his work in the fossil fuel industry, then set up a commercial enterprise – Solarcentury – to both create a new green technology business and prove how it can be done. I also respect the fact that he has stopped his chairman role within Solarcentury to focus purely on campaigning in the run up to COP 21 in Paris – a meeting which he feels could change human history.

3. He sees the bigger picture

JL-GraphicThrough his chairmanship of the Carbon Tracker Initiative, his logical clarity and business thinking are clear for all to see. I love his passion, his vision and his ability to see the bigger picture. I love his belief that change is possible; that we can create a sustainable future if we work together and collaborate. And the colour and drama in his narrative brings this vision to life.

4. He has achieved so much already

I admire the fact that 5% of Solarcentury’s profits go to Solar Aid, which has achieved so much through its investment in solar lights for communities in Africa. By using a solar light, an average family can recoup the cost of their solar light in just 10 weeks – and they save around $70 a year, which in many instances is 10% of their income.

We also asked Jeremy why he loves working with Greenhouse. Here’s what he had to say:

Reasons why Jeremy Leggett likes working with Greenhouse

We asked Jeremy why he chose to work with Greenhouse and what makes us different.

Jeremy Leggett: Choosing Greenhouse PR from Greenhouse PR on Vimeo.

‘Greenhouse PR are very impressive; I had never seen PR done like it before. First they are a PR agency with an absolute focus and understanding of climate change and environmental issues that so many of us care about, and more then more importantly they have an ability to deliver on that.”

‘When you are working with Greenhouse you get a focus and intensity of effort that really delivers impressive results. I think they have a lot to offer in our collective fight to win the carbon war.”

‘The Winning of the Carbon War’ builds a powerful story in the run up to Paris

‘There is nothing like a good story. This is a true one, and it shows that real life is very often stranger than fiction.

‘The aim has been to get many more people to feel informed about the drama as it unfolds, helping people to be aware of the issues and ready to exert pressure – within their sphere of influence – for a good outcome in Paris.’

The Winning of the Carbon War’ will be downloadable for free and released in a ten-part series month by month through to the last day of the Paris climate summit in December 2015. Follow the blog and download the book www.jeremyleggett.net/latestbook.

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